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Live with the Dog of Your Dreams The first step in ensuring that you live an enjoyable life with your beloved pet is to learn how to communicate with him or her. After successfully passing all test - you will receive a certificate from our International Master Dog Training Center! The Dog Trainer Online Course materials are supplemented by a video which vividly demonstrates a number of issues involving the theory and practical methods of training. As a professional pet groomer, you can work towards opening your own salon, starting your own mobile grooming business, or work in an animal shelter, veterinary office, or possibly at our own Masterdog training location! Our Master Dog online Dog Grooming course is a foundational course for beginners and aspiring dog grooming professionals. You'll also learn the professional vocabulary and terminology that is unique to the dog grooming profession. Meet Doggy Dan: One of New Zealand’s Most Trusted & Leading Dog Experts Who Makes Training Your Dog HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, SUPER SIMPLE and Most of All…FUN!
Right now you’re probably reading this message because you’re desperate to finally learn how to not only train your dog quickly and effectively, but you also don’t want to have to spend a huge chunk of cash on professional dog trainers or read yet another dog training book that doesn’t get you results. It’s amazing how many dog owners think that if they are forceful enough with their dog, yell at them more, or even resort to hitting them or using shock collars that they will finally learn to behave. With what I’m about to teach you, you won’t have to resort to yelling or hitting your dog, or even using those downright cruel training devices that use shock therapy. I can’t believe that these MYTHS are still being peddled by the pet industry and professional dog trainers. It’s a MULTI-MILLION Dollar industry and so many of the ‘celebrity’ trainers endorse them, however to me, these methods almost border on TORTURING your dog.
The problem was he was using outdated training methods (the ol’ chicken and cheese approach) and he basically admitted he had no idea how to train older and “more difficult” dogs. You’d think since a dog’s nickname is “A Man’s Best Friend” that it would be easy to modify a dog’s bad behavior and train them. I’m going to let you in on a GIGANTIC SECRET, and this is where a lot of amateur dog trainers go terribly wrong. This is huge fatal flaw that many dog owners are not aware of, and this is where all dog training and behavior issues can go wrong really quick! In the dog training information I’m about to reveal to you below, you’re going to discover how to properly UNDERSTAND what’s actually going on in the mind of your dog, as well as learn WHAT they do respond to so behavioral training can be EASY & EFFECTIVE! Thousands of beloved dog owners have not only used my training with excellent results, but I’ve also trained dogs of all types and breeds.
Now I’ve created a powerful new online dog training program to help you deal with your own dog issues head on to give you REAL RESULTS. After years of working with thousands of people, helping them train their dogs, I knew there had to be a better way to reach out to even more frustrated dog owners just like yourself. This means you’ll get an EXPERT dog trainer at your service, to help you and walk you through the EXACT step-by-step instructions I use for both high paying and even celebrity clients! You’ll get real experience and knowledge from a seasoned dog expert, not just a bunch of random YouTube videos from someone who labels themself as a “dog expert”…but doesn’t have the credentials to back up their claims. This is why OVER 10,000+ DOG OWNERS have been simply raving about the success of this training with their own dogs and getting amazing results. Unlike other dog training programs that either cost a fortune or offer you information that doesn’t really give you the results you want, The Online Dog Trainer Members Only website will give you PROVEN methods that you can learn, step-by-step, for successful dog training. You can watch the instructional videos online, at any time, and the best part is it’s easy and fun to learn.
Without them you'll never win over dog's mind, and you simply won't be able to train them successfully. This complete section includes general health, getting started, socializing, behavioral issues and command training.

Or just socialise with the members and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world. Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Course is a online training course that has 250 videos that addresses every possible situation you can possibly imagine, from how to stop my dog from begging for food, separation anxiety for puppies and older dogs, how to stop your dog from running away, puppy and dog leash training, and how to stop your dog from chewing, and jumping on furniture .This video system is the brainchild of professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist Doggy Dan. Doggy Dan online Dog Trainer is a detailed video training program created to help dog owners know how to deal with the common dogs behavioural problems. You will learn Why the dog is fussy eater and what you should to take control of your dog psychology. You will discover how to Ways to calmly stop the dogs barking is different situations, such as at the door, in the car. A lifelong approach to learning from dog professionals about how to care and keep your dog. No other product promises as much guarantee and service as Online Dog Trainer Course offers. The Online dog trainer will be a good investment and effort when you try to fix your relationship with your dog.This Program promises to generate results lasting a lifetime, and delivers with aplomb. After complition all tests you will receive a certificate of complition from our International Dog Training Center!
While indulging in your artistic side, you will also be at the forefront of a dog's overall health and well-being. The chapters presented in the course is all the background you'll need to understanding dogs, the AKC breeds, variations within the breeds, dog anatomy, care, feeding, vaccination, temperament and behavior, first aid and much more. Particularly, the technical and theoretical reasons behind cuts for each popular breed, and how to prepare a dog for the professional dog show circuit.
Before You Spend MORE Money On Expensive Dog Trainers or Products, Read This Message First!
But before you throw in the towel with your dogs behavior or simply “settle” and learn to “live with it”…no matter how “out of control” your think your dog is, there is HOPE.
When the dog barks, they are then “corrected” by being shocked with low current electricity.
They then follow up the “click” and reward the dog with a treat to train them positive behaviors.
The funny thing is, not only do I find training older dogs just as easy as younger ones, in most cases they respond even BETTER than younger dogs. Many dog owners think that they can simply hire a dog trainer, and let them do all the hard work, and the dog will be magically trained. Once you understand this one single principle about dogs, it can not only change your personal relationship with your own dog, but it’ll help you understand how to MORE effectively control and train them. I’m a full-time professional dog trainer and one of the leading dog trainers in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a program that contains years and years of dedication and hard work, and only includes the information, steps and techniques I know will help you get the real results you are desiring the most with your own dog. It also works for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages and covers everything you need to know “under one roof”. I'll explain there are five simple Golden Rules you put in place to quickly transform how your dog responds to you. Apply these tips and you'll see how easy it is to turn your dog into a happy, respectful and well-mannered member of the family.
With over 100 videos ready for viewing by people who have availed of paid membership, the Online Dog Trainer promises to take every dog owner’s relationship with his pets to a whole new level,one without any stress, and with a whole lot of fun and understanding. This program created by Doggy Dan, a veteran dog trainer and whisperer contains numerous videos This Program promises to show you how to deal with popular dog problems such as uncontrolled barking, aggressiveness, refusal to eat among others. The videos cover everything you might ever want to know as a dog owner including how to train your puppy, how to become the pack leader and assume control over your dog, to how to train your dog to use bathroom outside.

Once you acknowledge how to properly communicate, you could enjoy whole control over the dog and relax yourself with it by using just kind, gently commands. And every year, a new “quick-fix” product or “fast-results” training method hits the streets.
Unfortunately, as much as this seems to make sense, this method of training totally misses the point. Several years ago I visited a dog training conference in which a popular dog trainer from the USA said that dogs over 8 months old became very hard to train! I’m also a highly acclaimed author, an avid animal rights activist, media personality, and even a celebrity dog trainer.
Plus I wanted to give dog owners a chance to implement these methods and techniques on their own, but allow them to do it on their own time schedule. With these tools, you'll never come across a dog situation that you won't feel 100% in control of. Watch me as I train Moses and share the secrets of success as he grows into an absolutely fantastic dog. The Online training program will show you how to control your dog’s behaviour without resulting to electric collars, whipping or other harsh equipment.
Eventually dogs learn to completely ignore all their commands making them look like a fool (and a rather mean dog owner as well!).
Dogs are extremely smart and highly intuitive animals, and using a “clicker” to communicate with your dog is not only not needed, but it really complicates the situation.
I’ve worked with thousands of dogs, many who’ve had behavioral problems for over 10 years or MORE and I’ve still been able to train them with my methods. You will get to see the way Dan handles different dog problems, his body language, and variation of tone of voice and how the puppy or dog responds to his behaviour immediately. I’ve literally worked with THOUSANDS of dogs and never had the need to use a clicker to communicate and train a dog…ever. This should be great news for any frustrated dog owner who thinks that something is wrong with their dog. The idea of turning over a problematic dog to trainer, and them returning the dog “Trained!” and all ready to go, is total rubbish.
This means no more wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on vet visits or even Prozac for dogs. The Golden rules video will show you the tips and tricks to effectively train your dog without using force. Not only do they inflict pain and cause a great amount of stress for a dog…but they also don’t work on a large percentage of dogs.
One of the biggest secrets to training a dog of any age is EARNING their respect, not FORCING them to respect you out of fear or with pain. Because these dogs either bark through the pain or simply become frustrated and remain silent. As mentioned in Myth #5 above, the big secret to training success is earning your dog’s trust and respect. When you know how to properly win a dogs respect, they’ll trust you for the rest of their lives AND be more attentive when it comes to proper training. That’s what’s at the very heart of all my unique training methods and that’s what makes them work so amazingly well!
Training a dog with the use of pain is not only flat out cruel, it’s just not effective in the long run.

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