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We firmly believe that learning from a textbook with a few hours of practice in between is an entirely incorrect way of learning the complex science that is dog training. While other schools may just skim the surface of dog training, MasterDog Training provides a full spectrum of topics including obedience, agility, Shutzhund, tracking, bomb detection, house and family protection and more.
Online Dog Trainer Course includes 6 sections and 6 tests. After completion all tests you will receive a certificate from our International Dog Training Center!
The Dog Trainer Online Course materials are supplemented by a video which vividly demonstrates a number of issues involving the theory and practical methods of training.
In our program, theory is combined with practice, as you are taught the foundation of dog training while constantly getting hands-on experience with a world-renowned trainer. If this dog training program sounds perfect for you, schedule a free consultation where we will find the course that works best for you.

Introduction to the Study of Dogs – explains the origin and evolution of dogs, development of professional dog breeding, safety while handling working (utility) dogs. Physiological Foundation for Dog Behavior and Dog Training – describes the processes occurring in the dog which aid in dog training.
Dog Training Methods & Stimulies – describes training methods and techniques, equipment used during training, frequent systematic mistakes made by trainers. Dog Training Techniques – presents specific techniques to teach a dog to respond to commands as part of a general training course or a protection and guard dog training program.
Animal Health – describes the main, most frequently encountered diseases of dogs, first aid rules and techniques. Dog Training Methodology – defines the methods and techniques for teaching trainers to work with dogs.

Learn from a world-renowned dog trainer on our property specifically customized for dog training. We offer a variety of programs that fit every budget and schedule, so you can become a certified dog trainer at your own pace.

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