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I meet Robert Hoffman for the first time a week after the Bastrop bust and we stay good friend till now.
Between 1990 and 2000, I was lucky to be only busted 2 times in USA and escape from the law the first time. I started in 1990, when I was 18 years old with a first trip at Gary Hammonds kennels when he just got "Parkson" back. But, I didn't realize that Miret's "Bud" was my best and breed him only few time (only 5 breeding). Last time I write to him in his Correctionnal, I found between the line an old broken man, who didn't deserve that sentence.

Captain had his own line of dogs but was one of those dogmen that would never reveal where he got them or their breeding. I guess I came across your web site by chance and started remembering old times and got a bit nostalgic.
I still see the odd Pitbull being walked around here where I live, most times with no muzzle. Randy, I guess I came across your web site by chance and started remembering old times and got a bit nostalgic.
To start, in 1901 a pet pit bull killed its owner's mistress, in 1909 a pet pit bull killed its owner's brother, in 1945, a pet pit bull killed a 21-month old baby (just three months before fighting pit bulls killed Doretta Zinke) and in 1947, a group of pit bulls killed an 11-year old boy in the Bronx.1Further research showed that a pit bull owned by John P.

Colby, producer of prized fighting dogs, killed his 2-year old nephew.The Death of Bert Colby LeadbetterOn February 2, 1909, one of John P. Dog fighters can easily do their work with no breeder licensing) but of course AKC breeders lobby WITH the dog fighters all the time.

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