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Warning SignsBarking and growling are the warning signals your dog will give to show the newcomer who is boss and what the limits are. How to RespondUsually a dog of any age knows enough to back off and move away if another dog gives him the verbal and posturing warnings.
Making Proper IntroductionsIntroduce a new puppy to your adult dog in neutral territory, like outside in the garden or even at a park away from the house. Do A Test RunYou'll do your adult dog, the puppy and yourself all a favor if you take the time to introduce the two pooches before adopting the youngster.
Unless the dogs are clearly loosey-goosey waggy tails, it’s important to take precautions when introducing new housemates. I do not know the history of the older dog, but if he has not been previously socialized with other dogs, or has shown lifelong signs of aggression towards other dogs, it will make this transition significantly more difficult. I am not sure exactly what you mean, but I am most concerned by you saying that the older dog is viciously attacking the younger pup. A trainer can better access the dog to dog language that is being exchanged and can help assess the potential for danger to both humans and animals in the situation. Give each dog an opportunity to get some quality heart pumping exercise before the introduction.

If the dogs seem comfortable while walking together and meeting through a fence without becoming stiff or displaying prolonged growling and barking at one another, you can progress to a nose to tushie introduction. Some adult dogs take to a new puppy right away, and others show their territorial sides with barking and growling. A growl or a snarl without a nip is normal, but if your adult dog shows other signals like baring his teeth, an intense, displeased stare or his hackles are raised, that likely means more -- such as a nip or a serious bite -- is to come.
Don't risk allowing your puppy to be harmed if your adult dog shows aggressive signs that precede an attack. In general, dogs can usually learn to get along and, even if they never become BFFs, they typically find their places in the family.
While barriers are NOT a good long term solution, they can provide for brief safety insurance for first time introductions (though should NOT be used if either dog is already a fence barker).
Distract the older dog to redirect his attention and have another person remove the puppy from the situation. If they are meeting face to face, your dog should be leashed initially while the puppy approaches him for the first time. Family read all the hints about introducing on neutral ground with leashes, but old dog continues to viciously attack new puppy, and barked all night.

If the dogs seem mildly interested and calm, you can slowly cut down on the distance between the dogs, but for this first time keep a healthy distance and do not overwhelm them.
Just because your adult dog doesn't get a mouthful of the little one's fur, though, doesn't automatically mean everything's kosher. The older dog may growl, especially if the pup is too rambunctious, but if he shows no other aggressive signs, you can let him off the leash. Punishment will only reinforce to him that life is NOT nice when in presence of other dogs. Do a test run to see how compatible they are and get an idea of how easy it might be to bring the puppy into your home. Even if you don't kennel your adult dog at night, it's wise to kennel the pup until he's been potty trained not only to reduce the chances of an accident, but to prevent any late-night fighting that could erupt if the puppy makes a nuisance of himself.

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