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Nocturnal animals: The aye-aye You learned all about nocturnal animals in the last issue of Jr.
They also have big eyes to help them see in the dark!  Aye-ayes have a unique way of finding food. ScorpionsARACHNIDSInsect Scorpions are an ancient group, remaining relatively unchanged since they became one of the first animals to crawl onto land about 400 million years ago.
They like to live in watery areas as they are good swimmers, but have difficulty moving around on land. These snakes are primarily nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and sleep during the day.

They can be found in a number of countries including Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Colombia. This means that they kill their food by squeezing it to death with the coils of their powerful bodies.
They hunt at night, swimming in the water with their eyes and nasal openings just above the water.
The pedipalps double as sensors (making up for their poor eyesight) and to grasp prey (usually other arthropods that they have ambushed). Large anacondas can take down and eat fairly large animals like deer, wild pigs, jaguars, and capybara.

They can do this because they have special ligaments in the jaws allowing them to open extremely wide.
Life Cycle: Scorpions do not lay eggs, instead they give birth in the summer to live young that hop onto their mothers back and ride around for the 1-3 weeks until their first molt.
When they reach 4 inches in length they begin to also feed on algae andsmall to medium sized fishes.

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