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Your Ultimate Training Kit includes the patent pending elevated Palace Loft, which clearly defines your puppy's sleeping area.
In just a matter of days, your new puppy (or any age dog) will be potty trained following easy-to-do steps! End your frustration, strengthen your relationship with your puppy, and enjoy your fully potty trained puppy! And, one problem clients are struggling with time and time again is potty training their puppy. That’s when I came up with the idea of writing out all that I know about potty training a puppy. I’m also going to give you a full 60 days to read the book and use it with your puppy. Plus, you will INSTANTLY receive a 73 page report teaching you the 6 Most Urgent Things to Teach your Puppy!
Whether you do choose this ebook, or any other training material you may find, one thing that most other sites will not tell you is that no matter what type of book or training you choose, your dog cannot learn by himself. Your puppy depends on you to teach him all he will know, and this especially includes house training.
Rick Delgado’s House Training Guide is the straight-forward, no-nonsense resource I was looking for.

While your ebook “Quickly and Easily Potty Train your Puppy” contains all that you need to fully house train your puppy, I want to make it so easy and quick for you and your dog, that I want to offer you a few more items that you are just going to LOVE! If you order in the next 15 minutes, I will include 3 weeks of UNLIMITED email support for your puppy potty training.Don’t pass up this OUTRAGEOUS gift! I am also giving you a Bonus PDF report where I teach you how to Train your puppy to go into his crate… ON COMMAND!
Not only will make your puppy house training easier, but it will be a lifelong skill for your puppy. Important point #9 – Keep a diary of your puppy’s progress to speed up the house training process! Important point #10 – Learn how to handle ANY potty training problem you come across! Your Starter Kit includes Midwest I Crate wire cage, the Patent Pending Elevated Palace Loft, which clearly defines your puppy's sleeping area. Your Deluxe Kit includes Midwest I Crate wire cage, the Patent Pending Elevated Palace Loft, which clearly defines your puppy's sleeping area.
Although I already know a lot about the subject, I still did some research, and I bought a lot of the other ebooks out there on puppy potty training. I know, that if you truly use the tools and guidance that I give you, your puppy will easily be potty trained in just a few days, and you will be able to fully trust your puppy in your home as you continue to reinforce the potty training.

When you do buy this book, you must take the time to read it, and to use it to teach your puppy. We love him [like a child], but we had heard from others that potty training a Maltese was very hard, and near impossible. I was still thinking your book sounded too good to be true, but after 3 days Benji has learned quickly, and has learned how to ring a bell to tell me he needs to go outside to go potty! I thought to myself that if my clients are having this same problem, then there must be a lot of others out there having the same puppy potty training issues.
This is our first dog, and we were amazed that we saw results immediately!By the end of the first day that we had your book, he would go the the door and sit when he had to go potty. This will make your potty training 1000% easier and more successful than not using a crate, and will serve you and your puppy for the rest of his life. Our innovative design keeps the loft and your puppy clean and dry throughout the day and night.

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