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During an introduction, a timid and lower-ranking dog will lower his head, avoid direct eye contact and gently extend his tongue to lick the muzzle of a more dominant, confident and higher-ranking dog.
Help your dog make friends with his peers: Carefully select confident-but-friendly and patient-tempered dogs to play with your shy dog, to help him hone his social skills. I get to spend a lot of time observing different groups of dogs because of my work as a dog walker and dog rescue volunteer.
No matter how you view licking by a dog, this behavior is extremely common, yet a nuisance to some people. The only time you should stop constant licking is if the dog is licking himself incessantly, using licking as a fear reaction, or licking as an obsessive compulsive behavior.
Once you determine that the licking is not connected to a health concern, or some larger problem, you can move on to the next step.

When training your dog not to lick you, understand that this behavior is typically attention-seeking. The best way to eliminate the licking, then, is to eliminate the attention you give your dog when he licks. Other than removing your attention, a change in body language will help you make your point.
Some of the dogs in these photographs may well be licking their nose because they are unsure what is happening with the camera.
The first dog licks the muzzle of the second dog to simply reconfirm that he comes in peace.
Leave the dog alone for about 20 seconds and repeat the process and see if he tries to lick you again.

One thing is for certain sure, however: while they are doing it they often bring a smile to the faces of their human companions. However, because I train service dogs, from my perspective jumping can become very helpful if the dog needs to retrieve an item.
They also look out for each other: A dog who excessively licks the muzzle of his canine pal may be doing this because the dog has a tumor, cut or other medical need that requires attention and treatment.

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