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Sharon Crowell-Davis, DVM, DACVB, professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, says your dog is likely telling you something about himself. If you have a runner on your hands, you know how hard it can be to simply keep your dog at home. Again, similar to fence jumping a dog is going to want to run away because he wants to get to something or away from something. If you can narrow in on the cause of location of your dog’s running away behavior, you can focus on that area. If you have read over the information on stopping your dog from jumping the fence, if will apply in this situation as well. If your dog is climbing up part of the fence, and not making a clear jump over, staple chicken wire to the inside of the fence. While this is not a direct way to stop your dog from jumping the fence, you may want to invest in some outdoor dog toys that your dog will enjoy.
Your house may be setback from the street, but one day your dog may chose to keep running and go straight out into the street with an oncoming car approaching.

Some dogs within the same household can have very different reactions to an opportunity to run free. You may need to check with your homeowner’s association first, but most local hardware stores sell fence extenders. Most invisible fences nowadays work with a collar that the dog wears that is linked to the fence. Even if your dog comes back when you call him, you do not want to tolerate front door running. When she brings him to someone’s door, he cowers behind her in fear of a dog who might charge out the door at him. Getting your dog to come when called rather than running off is part of puppy socialization training, and even older dogs can learn to come when called, but it takes practice. If you want to keep them, make sure to move them towards the center of your yard away from any fencing section. Most dogs don’t like the feeling of the wire on their paws and will avoid that area after stepping on it once or twice.

The sensation from a collar may be uncomfortable and startling to your dog, but it will not hurt him.
Many dogs only feel the sensation once or twice and don’t challenge the system afterwards. In the same way some people are homebodies, some dogs prefer the familiarity and comfort of home.
The sensation from the collar is similar to the feeling you get when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob.

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