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The yellow color comes from bile, a digestive fluid that's produced in the liver, stored in the gall bladder and then released into the small intestine just below the stomach. I have pretty much accepted the fact that Bruno is not going to be one of those dogs where you remove a tumor and that’s it, they never come back. The vet stated that Bruno may not feel like eating the first day or so, which is common in dogs that have had surgery. I watched both dogs that night and saw Spencer not want to lie on the dog bed next to Bruno.
Spencer was feeling it too as Bruno attempted to claim the dog bed as he had done once before in the past.

I have seen him throw up yellow bile about three times, but I often see him swallowing something that was trying to come up back down. The last three times Bruno went in to get checked the lumps turned out to be negative, but that is what one must do with a dog who gets mast cell tumors, check every single lump that appears just in case. I know a dog’s temperament can change if the humans change, but it was still eye opening to me for Bruno to change his actions so quickly to match my feelings. Bruno leave it!" Bruno quieted down, wiggled a little at me and went back to staring at the dog as if he was on guard. The doctors all say Bruno is the type of dog that will continue to get mast cells throughout his life and we will continue to fight them off as best we can.

If you suspect your dog has a mast cell tumor it is not wise to massage or irritate the area in any way. But he is proving more and more that he only does it when the other dog is either not balanced or untrustworthy in some way.

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