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Store-Bought FoodStore-bought food for mice contains grains, such as barley and millet, which are also rich in fiber. Crunchy Vegetables and FruitsPet mice will eat most kinds of vegetables, but they tend to enjoy crunchy ones more. Wild mice carry a variety of diseases and bacteria, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis and tularemia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Contamination of your pooch's food can occur in your home but may also occur in pet supply stores or in a pet food manufacturer's facilities. Dog food, namely dry dog kibble, attracts mice because the little guys can smell it and can access it by chewing through its packaging.
Wash your pup's bowl after every meal and wipe down his eating area to remove stray particles of food.
Mouse Diet StapleDried corn is a common ingredient in most commercial rodent food mixes including those for mice, hamsters and rats.
Variety Helps With BalanceEven if dry corn is your mouse's most favorite food on the planet, it shouldn't make up the majority of her diet. Make Some Mouse MixIf you'd like to throw together a special blend of mouse mix for your furry little friend, you can find items for your recipe in the bulk section of the grocery or health food store, or even at farmers' feed and seed shops. Yuk: Miss Chen is forced to eat this bowl of braised mice as breakfast by her mother, who believes one mouse contains the nutrition of three chickensMiss Chen said at first she thought they were braised rabbits. Delicacy: Mice, especially dried mice jerky, are one of the eight treasured foods in western Fujian province. Pet mice should eat a varied and balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables, protein, store-bought mice food, fresh water and treats.

It also contains protein, such as beans and soy, depending on which type of food you find at your local pet food shop. Larger species can eat 8 grams of food daily, while smaller species can eat a minimum of 4 grams. Unfortunately, hungry pest mice who infiltrate a bag of dog food can contaminate it with a variety of diseases.
Inspect the food and its packaging for signs of mouse contamination before giving any of it to your pup.
Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, according to the Indiana Vector Control Association.
Seal up holes around your home that mice can use as entryways with caulk, metal or steel wool, the CDC recommends. A wild mouse eats just about anything she can gnaw her way into, as anyone whose pantry has been invaded by a wild mouse or two can attest to. After realising they were mice, she refused to eat, but her mum pressured her to eat them all.'My mum said it was a great effort to pluck out all the hair from these mice,' said Miss Chen. Locals believe eating rodents can treat hair lossMice are one of the eight treasured delicacies in western Fujian, with dried mice jerky being especially popular. Even if you feed your pet mouse a high quality mouse food, versus a cheaper commercial brand, it is important to also give your little pal fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly crunchy ones. Keeping the water in such a bottle will keep it clean, since your pet mouse won't be able to get food or waste into it. Sanitary feeding practices and proper storage should prevent mouse infestation of your pooch's food.

Mice, who tend to urinate and defecate where they eat, may leave urine and droppings in the kibble simply by sampling or creeping through any of your dog's food -- making the food dangerous for your pooch to eat. Signs of contamination include dark ricelike droppings in the food, a musky odor and small holes in the dog food bag itself.
Discourage mice and protect your pup's food by transferring it to an airtight plastic, glass or metal pet food container that mice can't access or gnaw through. Looking over the commercially prepared mouse food at the pet supply store, maybe you've wondered whether the mouse mixes containing dry corn are safe for your mousie. Dry corn along with oats, nuts and seeds are all safe to feed your mouse, and they often are found in prepared mouse food.
Just one mouse contaminates up to 10 times the amount of food it eats, according to the Indiana University School of Public Environmental Affairs. In your home, you might find a small pile of dog kibble gathered by mice in places like closets and seldom-used drawers, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Remove your pooch's food dish 15 minutes after setting it down, storing dry food leftovers in an air-tight container and canned food in the refrigerator.

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