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When I first brought my Moxie home, the sound of his dog tags clinking together as he ate, played, and made our apartment his personal playground was a welcome noise. Tag silencers are one way to solve the problem, but a few years ago, I discovered the slip-on collar tags from Boomerang (pictured below), attached them to a supple leather tag collar from Sit Up N’ Beg, and never looked back. Moxie is now on his second tag collar in three years (he wears a martingale on top of it for walks), but the Boomerang tag hardware remains the same.

Instead of an engraving on the buckle, though, they offer a built-in tag reminiscent of the Boomerang Tags. Doctors Foster and Smith also have their own line of collars, and can attach the nameplate to them for you if you leave a note with your order.
I like that you can slip it off one collar and onto the next if you’re one of those fashionable multi-collar-owning pet parents.

The buckles are a metal and plastic hybrid, and $29 gets you tag plus nylon collar with your choice of 18 colors.

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