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If your dog tends to pull on their leash, bolt after squirrels, or is capable of escape from their regular collar by backing out of it, a martingale collar may be the right choice for you and your doggie! Unlike regular collars, martingales have a cinch loop that restricts when a dog pulls on a leash avoiding the possibility of escape - and relaxes when stopped or offleash. When pulling the D-Ring and the cinching action takes place, you should be able to place THREE fingers between the two metal slides - so they should come close but not touch.
If you do so, maybe clip them to a slider instead of where a leash would attach on the D-ring. Tag collars are safe for 'round-the-clock wear because they do not have any tightening action. We recommend that you put your tags on a Tag Shuttle for safety, then clip the TAG SHUTTLE to the D-Ring on one of our tag collars.
A Classic Hound collar is not just beautiful clothing for your hound - it's a critical piece of safety equipment! This prevents your dog from becoming entangled in a way that would cause the martingale to tighten.

If an unsupervised dog wearing a tag collar becomes caught on something, they will be able to free themselves simply by backing out of the collar. Not only are our new buckles extremely stylish and contoured for a perfect fit on your dog's neck, but they are also extremely durable and strong. It is both attractive and durable, and it prevents the hair loss from chafing that lesser collars may cause. For lightly soiled collars, we recommend spot-cleaning with a damp sponge and a little Woolite.
We suggest using a Tag Shuttle to attach ID tags, especially if your hound switches collars often. Our metal buckles achieve average break strengths of over 500lbs, twice as strong as collars made with plastic side release buckles - which start to break at 100 - 300 lbs. It's perfect for the collar your dog will wear on everyday walks or at frequent "dress up" occasions.

If your collar becomes extremely soiled, machine washing on "cold" in a lingerie or delicates bag is fine, followed by drying flat (do NOT machine dry). We have successfully outfitted nearly all breeds, from six-pound lap dogs and to Great Danes. If you do so, please clip them to a slider instead of the D-ring where a leash would attach.

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