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In Los Angeles, it is quiet hard to find a dog trainer that is willing to train aggressive dogs. The dog will be pleased to do something or to provide service for the participant, and the participant will find a new found confidence within him or herself. Master Dog Training offers many services, including a dog hotel which includes one acre of lush green property, a pool, an agility obstacle course, indoor facilities for massages and training, as well as specialized Shutzhund equipment. With the most inclusive canine education available, our School for Dog Trainers will teach you progressive and innovative methods of effectively training dogs and working with people in a way that will make your dog training career a successful one. At our School for Dog Trainers, our staff of instructors are highly qualified and accomplished individuals that are truly one of a kind.
We have a variety of educational programs to choose from and many of our courses vary in length to meet your individual needs.  Our comprehensive programs  are unmatched in the industry and give you all the skills and hands-on experience you need to be successful!
Our School for Dog Trainers accepts GI Bill and other Veterans Affairs benefits for many of our programs.
We firmly believe that learning from a textbook with a few hours of practice in between is an entirely incorrect way of learning the complex science that is dog training. While other schools may just skim the surface of dog training, MasterDog Training provides a full spectrum of topics including obedience, agility, Shutzhund, tracking, bomb detection, house and family protection and more.
Online Dog Trainer Course includes 6 sections and 6 tests. After completion all tests you will receive a certificate from our International Dog Training Center! The Dog Trainer Online Course materials are supplemented by a video which vividly demonstrates a number of issues involving the theory and practical methods of training. Controlled use of the protective instincts include teaching dogs to safely defend handlers, as well as Basic Police K-9 functions such as drug detection, criminal apprehension, criminal transport, building search, suspect detention, and more. While not every student may actively use these types of specialty training, the knowledge and experience has proven invaluable when the student becomes a professional trainer. The primary objective of this course is to prepare students for a career in almost any facet of professional dog training.
Assistance Dog Training requires continual creative problem solving by trainers to match dogs to the unique abilities and needs of disabled individuals. A dog’s acute sense of smell can be valuable in assisting search teams to find lost individuals.

One of the greatest benefits in learning to train dogs in protection work is that the students thoroughly learn how to recognize the difference between real aggression and “bluff” or fear-type aggression. The Master Trainer Course is rounded out by instruction on how students can set-up their own dog training business. The National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio was founded in 1975 and today is regarded as a leader within the fields of dog training, behavior modification, and dog trainer education.
The participant also learns how to performcertain tasks with the dog such as walking, playing , cleaning, and traveling.
The responsibility that comes from being a dog owner: taking care of the dog, walking with them leads to happiness for both dog, and owner. Unlike most courses, our programs offer you extensive hands-on training that provide you with real-life experience.
Not only do we teach you every aspect of the dog training industry, you will be immersed into an atmosphere alongside our instructors that are training a variety of dogs every day. In our program, theory is combined with practice, as you are taught the foundation of dog training while constantly getting hands-on experience with a world-renowned trainer.
If this dog training program sounds perfect for you, schedule a free consultation where we will find the course that works best for you. Introduction to the Study of Dogs – explains the origin and evolution of dogs, development of professional dog breeding, safety while handling working (utility) dogs.
Physiological Foundation for Dog Behavior and Dog Training – describes the processes occurring in the dog which aid in dog training. Dog Training Methods & Stimulies – describes training methods and techniques, equipment used during training, frequent systematic mistakes made by trainers. Dog Training Techniques – presents specific techniques to teach a dog to respond to commands as part of a general training course or a protection and guard dog training program.
Animal Health – describes the main, most frequently encountered diseases of dogs, first aid rules and techniques.
Dog Training Methodology – defines the methods and techniques for teaching trainers to work with dogs. This course covers a wide variety of civil-service uses for canine training including service dogs for the physically disabled, utilizing techniques for enhancing the dog’s natural instincts of protection and scent discrimination.

Such advanced training leads into other civil service areas such as support dog work for the disabled. This instruction will qualify most graduates to begin a multi-faceted training practice or to seek employment with many different types of training centers or related occupations. Students are exposed to many facets of training including necessary problem-solving skills to meet the recipient’s individual needs. Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs are able to assist us with locating lost individuals, disaster survivors, cadaver remains, narcotics, explosives, and more. Although some dogs do not readily show aggression, they do possess the ability to protect their owners. Students who are not certain they will train dogs for protection, find that this part of the course greatly improves their ability to read and deal with all sorts of aggression problems during customer evaluations and obedience training, regardless of the breed or size of dog. The dog and its owner will participate in different games, and obedience commands will teach the participant to control their dog with over 15 different commands.
Students learn the proper, safe and effective methods to teach dogs to control these instincts and put them to use in civil settings to assist society. The classroom and workshop instruction provides a foundation for training assistance or service dogs. Our specialists will help you come up with a program specially customized for your dogis age, breed and temperament. Learn from a world-renowned dog trainer on our property specifically customized for dog training.
Dog massage is used after an active walk (different games, running, swimming, and the obstacle course). We offer a variety of programs that fit every budget and schedule, so you can become a certified dog trainer at your own pace.
The dog is massaged by a qualified specialist that fully understands dog physiology and anatomy.

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