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Martingale (greyhound or lupine) dog collars are popular for gentle control verses a choke chain. Fitting Note: A martingale collar should be fitted to your dog's neck to ensure that when the control loop is pulled, the two ends are close but not touching. Originally designed for sighthounds, they also work well for dogs who try to back out of their traditional buckle collars.
Also, because it is fitted to the dogs neck, there is a stopping point at which the collar is no longer choking, unlike a choke collar, which has no stopping point.

EVERY rescue who adopts dogs out should have one on the dog when it is transported or just goes to the new owner with instructions… TOO many dogs slip collars and harnesses and get lost!!!
Also popular with agility and flyball trainers who want gentle control of their dog at all times.
When properly fitted, the collar closes to within an inch of the two side rings touching, but they will never touch. When used for training as an alternative to a choke chain, the martingale collar should be adjusted to fit slightly tighter for the time of supervised training only.

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