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We want to help answer any questions you may have regarding our custom climbing rope dog leashes or services. To the original owner we fully guarantee the workmanship and materials of our custom dog leashes so long as they are subjected to fair use.
That's backed up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and awesome customer service.Knock Offs, Fakes and CopiesThere are knock offs, fakes and copies of our custom climbing rope dog leashes for sale online.
Even a bright, bold and somewhat loud leash like the razzmatazz can be built solid, strong and very suitable for the largest of dogs.The razzmatazz climbing rope dog leash is available in different configuration. For us to replace an inspired by climbing rope leash is a terrific compliment and funny at that same time!
We hope others pick up on this somewhat cryptic message and give our real climbing rope dog leashes a try. I ordered the 6ft Gray Wolf Dog Leash with the nanoSwivel & Carabiner and have no regrets whatsoever.

The pictures on the website are very enticing but I have to say that they don't even come close to reflecting the build quality of this leash.
You could tell that this company takes pride in their products, and I will definitely be a returning customer for my other dog (78 lbs German Shepherd) in the near future.I'm bought this leash for my 2 year old, 50 lbs Siberian Husky that had I recently adopted. She's definitely a puller, and every now and then somehow releases herself from the standard clips that come on the normal cheap store bought leashes.
It wasn't until a recent incident where I realized that I gambling with the safety of my dog relying on a standard leash. This leash, in this configuration, might be overkill for my medium-sized dog but I walk easier knowing that there's no way that my dog is getting away from me.The nanoSwivel & Carabiner combination match up very nice with the Gray Wolf Dog Leash and are very pleasing to the eyes.
All in all, this leash has granted me peace of mind knowing that my dog won't be able to get away from me. This leash is really an eye-catcher but you really have to hold this leash in your own hands and feel it's weight to gain a full appreciation for it.

We appreciate that you see our efforts in the quality and pride taken to build these custom dog leashes. We agree that sometimes the use of store bought leashes can be a gamble with a dogs safety.
We're glad your among them and excited to know that your dogs are that much more secure when using our custom dog leashes.
If you ever find the time and would like to share a picture of your dog & the new leash - feel free to post it on our Facebook page.

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