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Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, since they explore their environment with their mouth. When you catch your dog chewing inappropriate objects (like shoes, as many dogs do), redirect the chewing to an appropriate item, like a chew toy or stuffed Kong. Please don’t delay in getting help if your dog is displaying aggression toward family members, strangers, or other dogs. As a behavior counselor, I begin by discussing the situation with all of the family members.
A management program will be recommended to help insure everyone’s safety while we work to modify your dog’s aggressive behavior. But before you fly off the handle, one of the most important things to understand about correcting bad behavior is that punishment doesn't work. But remember, it is always important to discuss behavior issues with your veterinarian who can determine if they are caused by a medical problem.

We may get sad or frustrated because we interpret bad behavior as a rejection of our love.However, dogs do not think like us, and they have different social rituals and instincts. Many times, dogs don't understand what they're being punished for, and will respond by learning to hide the behavior. If he gives you the all clear, consider enlisting the help of a trainer or behaviorist to teach your dog appropriate go-to behaviors. The more he practices the undesirable behavior, the harder it will be to stop that behavior.I craft my retraining process to suit the temperament of my dog.
If we do not provide acceptable activities for our dogs, they are left to devise their own activities, which rarely appeal to our human sensibilities.A dog who is well-exercised, both mentally and physically, is happy to just lie around and turn over for belly-rubs. This gives our dog something interesting to do, and helps him brush up on his social skills with a variety of people and dogs. I work them in my opinion, very hard to be good dogs.One of my friends has a little dog, Lola.

How I provide structure and teach my puppy self-control.When I had problems with my Shiba Inu, I read up a lot on dog training and dog behavior.
She does well with certain dogs, she is very picky in that manner, but does not like any other animals. If you strive to be the most attractive thing in your dogs world he will turn to you in times of great intensity to resolve his feelings about that situation. We love our local dog park and visit every morning for about an hour: lots of play, running and tumbling with a wide range of other dogs.
He does like following other dogs around though, so we used to go to the park with a neighbor who had a Golden.

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