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Most of the dogs of homeless people I transport are Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas, but Girlfriend here has a seizure disorder.
One day I saw a man pushing a shopping cart with 3 chihuahuas down the street, he had a sign that said “not for sale” and another medium breed dog in tow. Another woman I work with regularly I always saw (as she was friends with a man with two dogs I give a lot of attention to) and one day she ended up with a puppy when another homeless couple’s dogs had babies.
Food – many homeless people have plenty of dog food but not food for them to eat (as people are more likely to donate dog food.
Don’t Judge- Learn their names, and get to know them.  That way you may be able to help them get the services they need! Volunteer- help transport animals to clinics, spread the word about services that are available, foster dogs who might need a few extra days to heal up (especially when it is rainy).  Collect items to make up bags to be distributed.
As someone who has an unusual name (I was named after my great-grandmother who was named after her second cousin), I might be more aware how names can affect someone.
As a rescuer, I realize I cannot give a dog any name that stirs up negative thoughts in people. Those judgments are why I believe it is super important that adopters (especially of power breeds) to forgo “tough” names, because people have one idea about these breeds –and often are fearful—but it is one thing to see a Rottweiler running at you, and it is another thing to have the owner calling “Cujo” to come back. If your Pit Bull gets lost, and you post signs “Missing Dog: Comes to Zombie” people will automatically think flesh-eater and not want to help. If you have one dog named James and one named Jay, that is too close and can be confusing for them.
A standard dog name like Rosco, Fluffy, Belle and Buster can certainly make it more difficult for vets, groomers and others to remember them and keep their charts correct.
After was all said and done, animal control was called out to capture and care for the dogs. If your dog is generally on a leash but you like the confidence of having a harness, then this leash could be the right one for you! So I have seen these before and LOVE them (I wish I had a little princess dog for one of these) but I did not realize until SuperZoo that these beds are super interchangeable, so you can change up colors and schemed for the holidays or whenever. So  a Tuggo reminds me of the Jolly Balls, but what makes them difference is that you can fill them with water to increase the weight.  I watched a German Shepherd and a Dogo Argentino having a lot of fun playing with this ball!
Reasons to break from the ideals that a dog door equals a happy dog, and in fact can be harmful (and deadly) for your dog. I will tell everyone I know, my dogs are only outside when we are home (and usually just to go to the bathroom), and I DESPISE dog doors. Sadly, we are seeing it more and more, police need to go into someone’s yard where their dog is doing what it supposed to do and gets killed by police. My dogs are indoor dogs, but it is AMAZING how quickly they can get out if they feel compelled. Keep your dogs indoors, and better yet, crate train your dogs for their safety, your sanity and everyone’s happiness.
We get contacted regularly by animal lovers who find dogs and ask us what to do or as us to take them.
It is rare when I find an animal that they have a microchip, but that should be the first step if you find a dog without tags. Even if you do not want to take the dog to the shelter, you need to notify them of a found animal since generally that is the place owners go to look for their lost pets. The law requires you to “make a reasonable effort to locate the owner” and if you are not able to then and only then are you legally able to give or sell the dog to someone else after 30 days. With the frustration we have faced in the last few weeks with people adopting dogs and wanting to return them within a few days, I thought I would write a quick message. In a previous home a dog might be house broken, but now in a new environment without the same schedule and smells it may be much more difficult. We've examined the names of more than 1.26 million puppies born in 2012 from Vetstreet's records to determine the year's top pet names.
Hands Off Dog Training ReviewedA candid review of Chet Womacks Hands Off Dog Training formula. I can tell you, this is not always easy for me (and overscheduled animal lover) for a plethora of reasons, but I can tell you it is never because the participants do not care for their dogs.
Elsie, the famous cow, was not the namesake that people thought was cool (and I am sure you will be shocked when I say it solicited a lot of ridicule). Fear is very real, and we see that in our country where police officers –out of fear—shoot dogs every day. I made this argument with my husband who wanted spiked collars on our big dogs and I refused to let him knowing I have seen people flat out refused to help a power breed wearing one because they believed they were dangerous.
I have 4 dogs, besides Vaughn I have Bruno “Bear”, Arnie “pig-pig” (or something involving pig like “pig face” or “pigglesworth”), and Joey “Gremlin Head.” My husband comes up with nicknames for all of our fosters as well, which can be fun and silly (but they still have proper names). Same goes with humans and dogs (had an adopter named Maddy and dog named Mandy and that was confusing for everyone).
This can be a huge problem if there are 2 dogs named Buddy at an office clinic this can be problematic if not dangerous.  Luckily for dogs, unlike people, they don’t have to worry if you get too creative with names. It combines a front attachment harness (like the easy walk harness), plus a training collar and has a collar back-up so your dog cannot back out of the harness.
I do not deny applications because of them, but I cringe and my heart grows black with each one (too late to save my heart now).  My dogs are crate trained and this provides a happy and safe environment for dogs. Just another reminder that being outside, where there are snakes, spiders, and even bees, can be poisonous to your dog. Once my dog jumped out of a window, through the screen, to get a squirrel that was tormenting him. Sadly, it is not as simple as that and many people unknowingly find animals and “steal” them by not following the laws in regards to property (which dogs are). This way I make the owners fill in the blanks to ensure I am getting the dog back to the correct owner and not just anyone who is looking for a free animal (asking them to prove ownership is in your bounds). Although, I can honestly say I have never found a dog, located the owner felt good about it, it is the law. Rescue groups also are legally required to hold a found dog for a month before being able to adopt it out.

We get contacted all the time from random people “my friend’s dog is really sick and can’t afford to take it to the vet.” These are the hardest emails to turn away and the most frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I have people who get dogs as puppies, never train them, get a new puppy 6 years later and they do not get along so they opt to get rid of the older dog and want me to take it. They do not realize that perfect pets take time, they forget how much work their old dog was when they brought them home. If you think you cannot deal with the problems below, you may not be ready to adopt a dog and for the commitment that entails. 1, and for the last 13 years, Rocky has made the top five and Bear has made the top 10 list; some names just hold a spot in the hearts of dog owners.
Continue reading "Hands Off Dog Training Reviewed"Pit Bull Names: Top Male And Female Pitbull NamesOur top list of Pit Bull names are ideas chosen just for this unique breed.
I carry reusable totes with a 2 gallon bag of dog food, socks, bottles of water, personal hygiene items and food that is more nutrition dense (like nuts, protein bars, trail mix etc).  Gift cards for fast food restaurants are helpful as well.
Of course, as an adult, I am no longer upset that my unusual name means I cannot find souvenirs with my name on it (short of tombstones but they frown upon you taking those) but perhaps that is one reason I am very picky about names.
Other names that I have gotten which were changed immediately include: Taz, Puddles, Yappers, and Snappy. Our 4th dog is a chiweenie, so I got him a spiked collar (because I don’t think anyone is going to be afraid of a 14 lb dog in an argyle sweater even with a spiked collar). They won’t complain about not finding a key chain with their name on it (or tombstone) so don’t feel like you need to pick a name from the top 10 dog names. So here are some things you should know about found dogs, including how to find their old homes, legality in finding a new home, and what roll rescues play in dealing with found animals. I think all the time about how mad I would be if someone broke into my house and let my dogs out (not sure how else they would escape) and if someone found them and gave them away- I would be livid. He has to be great with dogs, cats, and house trained and will just sit at my feet when I work. These are the dogs we want to provide a home for, and not take on animals for people when they cannot have their animals for whatever reason (such as poor planning or life choices).
Instead of contacting a rescue when you (or a child or a neighbor) has been bitten by the dog who has never been trained, or has destroyed the house because you find crating to be “mean,” or barks outside all day disturbing the neighbors, contact a trainer.
Only, they couldn’t return that dog, who turned out to be pretty amazing.  But now, looking for a new dog to fill a hole in their hearts, they expect the ideal dog will walk in and be amazing from day one. Sometimes, like if I am in the shower, I will bring the dog into the bathroom with me as well. But those male dog names have some competition: Zeus and Thor are rising fast, along with Milo, Blue, Gunner and Jax. Clearly these names would make people think something about the dog which might not even fit their personality but they would be judged for it.
Of course, there are those people who want “tough” looking dogs and keep them as an accessory and want people to be afraid of them, so they love the name Crusher, Diablo or Beast; however, I do not think most people understand the problems that can arise. This dog named Vaughn (which is English for “little” as he was tiny when I rescued him from a shelter) actually goes by the name Monster. You don’t have to name your new dog the second it gets home so take some time and find the perfect name for them. It is water resistant in case you go walking your dog in the rain and has moisture wicking fabric as well on the inside so you won’t get all sweaty. Yes.  But my doing this also means that I get to ensure my dogs are safe, at home, where they belong. Looking at it from a legal perspective it is clear that dogs are considered property, so if you find a dog and give it to someone else it is actually considered stealing (and receiving stolen property on the end of the receiver). That means 30 days where that foster home is not able to take a dogs (who would otherwise die at the shelter).
Sadly, my day has only 24 hours in it, so please before emailing the rescue to ask about dog food or even why your dog pees on laundry, just go ahead and Google it and do your own research first. One thing I have learned in doing rescue is how many people think that they are “saving” a dog by stealing it. I knew nothing about them, other than they were there but knew I had to help.  I cannot imagine what this poor woman has been through, and although, I cannot take away the abuse she has endured, I hope that making sure her dogs are safe will take a little off her shoulders.
So he waited for me to come back from a quick walk with a dog about 10 minutes later to get in. This article on Petfinder lists some of the reasons, but I warn you to not read it as it is depressing! This is another reason that taking the dog to the shelter is better because the time they are required to hold a dog is only a few days. We prefer to work directly with shelters and stay out of the middle of possible legal complications.  We were contacted by someone 31 days after we found his dog. I sadly, do not have the time or organizational ability to keep a database for everyone who wants a specific dog.
We have worked with our local battered women’s shelter to foster dogs for them, but those are mostly women who do not control their situations.
If your dog is wired wrong and is not trainable and is a danger to society, then you need to be responsible to protect people from that dog. I have to explain to people all the time that if we have an empty spot, we fill it – with shelter dogs.
I know everyone believes the shelters will kill their animals so they do not want that guilt but they just can’t have a dog with a new baby (because clearly no one has ever raised a child and dog in the same home).
There are some behaviors you should expect when getting a new dog, and if you are not ready to deal with them, please save everyone a lot of time and consider adopting a build-a-bear. Contacting the rescue you adopt from with concerns is always a good way to start, but if your first idea is to get rid of the animal perhaps this should be your wake up call that a new dog perhaps just isn’t right for you.
Of course my hands are tied by California law as penal code 30520 states, “no public animal control agency or shelter, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals shelter, humane society shelter, or rescue group shall sell or give away to a new owner any dog that has not been spayed or neutered.” Before I had access to vets who would do juvenile spays I would have foster-to-adopt contracts, but tracking down people to make sure it was done was complicated and more paperwork than I had time for. Another prevalent name from pop culture is Bentley, the name of Teen Mom star Maci Bookout's baby boy. Their humans are their family, and they don’t care that they live outside, because they have constant love and devotion- and we know that is all any dog wants.

He just loves and protects her, and she will just cradle this big 70 pound dog in her arms like he is anything other than what his name suggests.
When in fact, stealing their animals is simply just breaking the law and the person usually goes out and gets another dog. And not just because it makes me insane when I spend 2 hours finding the perfect name for that purebred German Shepherd (looking through German names in baby books), to have an adopter pick 21 seconds to decide Daisy is a great name! I am amazed, however, when I read applications from people wanting a new dog, their last one got hit by a car, the one before that got spooked in a storm and jumped the fence, and then one stolen and NEVER considered keeping their dogs indoors. I was constantly telling her to get rid of the dog door, her basset would go outside and do what they do, bay. This same 80 pound dog with a huge head, crawled under a fence where the bottom part of the board broke. Usually they are to sell, but sometimes it is much more nefarious than that!  One thing for sure, every article out there will cite the #1 way to keep your dogs safe is to keep them indoors.
Please, keep an eye on our page to see if that dog shows up, meanwhile this is not a car factory where I can go in the back and get you what you are looking for in a matter of minutes (unless you want a flawed tan Chihuahua or a Pit Bull as those are everywhere). Your moving and poor planning certainly does not constitute an emergency for me to find your dog a home.
I will not understand how a couple can be married for 37 years, but cannot handle a little dog anxiety for  37 hours! Dogs generally sniff, go in circles and have other tale tells that they are going to go to the bathroom. There are lots of articles online that can help you with unwanted behavior, but it just takes a little time and effort and a lot of love on your part to help a great dog blossom into the perfect dog.
The often quick replacement of stolen dogs goes for both dogs ignored in the backyard or the cherished pet of a transient person. So clearly anyone who sees this 14 pound dog, who rolls over when scared, is not going to be concerned if we call him by his nickname. When I get emails with questions (or PMs or Facebook posts as people come from everywhere), most of my responses are quick and not the detailed, hold your hand, interpret every thought you may have kind of response because as of now there is a 52-page manuscript waiting on my desk to be edited, several meetings that need to be planned and so much else that needs to be done at the business that puts a roof over my head (which the foster dogs appreciate). If you are not finding the dog online, be patient, but expecting me to do the work to find that dog for you is unrealistic. I was mauled and had a LOT of damage done breaking up a dog fight and don’t think anyone else needs to be in that position.
This is also why so many rescues do not like to adopt dogs out to people who are not married homeowners.
I met with him several times to give his puppy vaccines and provide quality dog food for his older dog who had some skin issues. For those of you who are not convinced you should keep your dogs indoors, here are some reasons that might make you reconsider and some other reasons that might make you change your mind about crate training. Sadly, putting a dog in charge of knowing this, is simply like expecting a 7 year old to know it is a bad thing to get into a dryer and have someone turn it on (ok that might explain a little about me). I want to fix all dogs, but again, as we pay full retail for vet care, our responsibility has to be for the dogs in our care and not anyone who “loves” their dog, but not enough to save money for an emergency or to get insurance knowing they are not financially stable enough to care for their dogs. It is hard knowing that animals are your priorities and knowing you can’t save them all, spending all that time fostering them, thinking you have the perfect home where they then turn around and think we are all of the above as well (at least with our dogs we are often all those services for them). Eventually he trusted me enough to listen to me when I told him that breeding that Chihuahua puppy was a bad idea and allowed me to spay her. I actually tested this a little by giving Pit Bulls names associated more with Poodles, and people laughed, but it makes a difference.
If this doesn’t work, read the postings on Craigslist for lost dogs, and you will see I am not making this up. There are sometimes I take the dogs without question, if the owner dies, are put into a home or has a terminal illness I will take the dogs if I can.
We see the worst in humanity, and how dogs can be thrown away and treated like trash (oftentimes this means dogs dying in our arms). Giving shy dogs their space and extra treats might work well (as well as letting them sleep with you). He met a woman and they ended up in a tiny trailer in a rundown trailer park, and his dogs were so loved. And just recently, a fellow rescuer had someone throw the contraptions made of brads over her fence, one of the dogs ate them cutting up his stomach, he did not die, but it cost thousands to save him. We see dogs jump fence, dig under them, and escape them in all sorts of ways (especially if scared or unaltered and wanting to breed).
Of course I think their family should try to keep their parents dog (and I am sad that parents didn’t plan better) but a grieving child doesn’t need judgment and no one chooses to lose their cognitive abilities. I fail all the time, but it isn’t at being nicer to the person who emails me thinking I need to contact another all-breed rescue to help me with one of my dogs, but my failure comes when I want to save an animals and cannot. Also when it comes to dogs needing to be bottle fed (usually because the owner let the dog get hit by a car or die from complications) just hand them over without question. Although that is an emotional response, because ultimately I know it is the owners who breed, discard, don’t care for or keep their dogs safe. And lets be serious, there are ways to avoid your animals who is in heat from getting pregnant; show dogs do it twice a year.
I felt bad for the woman, who showed up to meet me in a nice Mercedes, with the fanciest fake nails I had seen, and telling me how these dogs had lived in her other house that was rented out because there were too many in her home and proceeded to give me 4 chihuahua puppies.
I know I can never do enough for most people out there, because they think it is my “job” to do the items listed above although aren’t willing to pay for any of those things they have listed (and I am not paid for any of my responsibilities or to deal with the rude, angry, and ignorant people). Because you have no idea just how many people are doing the same thing and how overwhelming it is to take on even one more dog, or even to manage someone else’s emotional baggage. I was super frustrated, but she was his dog so I had to leave the drugged Chihuahua with the drunk homeless person and it was so hard to do! Clearly, she saw it as my responsibility to take care of her dogs (and provide basic care for them) rather than being responsible for her own animals.

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