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We missed vast swaths of the park, of course, but the parts we saw were beautiful, and more of them than I could have imagined were dog-friendly. Please note that pet dogs are not allowed in the Prospect Park Zoo, nor are they allowed in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which together occupy the northeast side of the park. Writing to Dog JauntWhile I generally don't accept guest posts, reports from readers are crucial and treasured sources of information.

Designed by the same landscape architects responsible for Central Park, Prospect Park occupies a huge, 585-acre chunk of Brooklyn (Central Park, if you’re wondering, is 843 acres).
According to the park’s website, leashed dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere you can go, except for playgrounds, sports fields and the bridle paths, and there are generous off-leash areas (though you need to get up early or stay up late to use them).
I’m so glad you enjoyed your time there and it looks as beautiful as I remembered it.

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