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No matter what collar you buy, it couldn’t harm the dog in any way, because they all follow the standards which are given to them for making the bark collars for small dogs.
I tried to be nice last Spring and told her that I’d be watching to see if her dogs were out because when our dogs are both out, they run the fence line and her dogs bark.
Both of these responses may increase barking, especially if your dog's behavior is fear-based.
Although your dog's barking may be temporarily inhibited by this response, she can start to associate the presence of another dog with pain or fear. Removing your dog from the situation may also increase the barking, because it teaches her that the scary thing goes away whenever she barks. The Los Angeles city court decided to solve the problem of dogs barking with the help of establishing a kind of a schedule for local dogs. In Smithtown, New York, dogs can’t bark for more than 15 minutes at a time (punishment for the third infraction is a $500 fine and a 15-day jail sentence). Since usually in every household, there are a variety of different pets, dogs are still known to be one of the most common pets which people have. Barking for a dog is natural, although things can easily get out of hand, since you may notice that some dogs bark more than others. These anti-barking dog collars provide overly simple solutions to a potentially big problem for the owner, which is the dog’s incessant barking. Over time, the reactive behavior may become worse, because her original fear of other dogs will be proven valid, as she learns that the presence of another dog equals negative consequences for her.

From now on, Los Angeles dogs are allowed to bark incessantly for no longer than 10 minutes. Dogs are both loyal to their masters, and yet comforting at the same time, which is probably why most people chose to have them. You should definitely consider a bark collars for small dogs, if your dog barks incessantly. The bark collars for small dogs are nothing to worry about, since they are specially designed for small dogs, so don’t make the mistake of buying a collar for a big dog, since it gives a more powerful impulse. These collars are typically the best bark collars for small dogs, not to mention the most humane ones too. The natural tendency for many pet owners when their dog starts barking at other dogs is to either use some form of punishment or to rescue their dog from the situation. She will also continue to bark because she has not been taught an alternative behavior to replace the barking.
Some people might prefer big guard dogs, but most people these day prefer to have very small and cute dogs.
A barking dog can be embarrassing for pet parents, and they may start jerking the leash and scolding the dog in order to stop the out-of-control behavior. Furthermore, punishment can teach a dog to associate other dogs with negative consequences if she is consistently pulled or yelled at for acting up when she sees another dog.
Instead of overcoming her fear, your dog may grow increasingly anxious because she has little control over a situation that often ends with a negative consequence.

Even if the dog was originally fearful or timid around other canines, once she learns that barking is the way to ward off the other dog, her behavior may become more offensively reactive and barky. The high fine for barking dogs which could go into the tens of thousands of dollars if there is truly something wrong or your dog has separation anxiety is a bit outrageous. On the other hand, when having a dog like this, sometimes things can get out of control, and therefore, you might need to use bark collars for small dogs. This usually works very quickly in most cases, but since dogs are all different, there is no specific time range, although in some cases, dogs stopped barking in a few days, or even hours. Another common reaction, especially for small dogs, is for the pet parent to rescue her from the situation, either by picking the barking dog up or immediately turning and moving away from the other dog. Obviously there is little one can do with a dog that has separation anxiety and you have to leave them for the day to do to work so you can make a living. Its not like the owners are purposely telling their dogs to bark all day some might not realize it is going on. But instead of telling the owner what is taking place when they leave people can now call animal control or the police to report the people and make them pay ridiculous fines while they are at work because their dog is barking.

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