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Glowdoggie makes one of my all time favorite products, led lighted dog collars designed to keep us pets safe in the dark!
Battery operated, waterproof and durable, Shilah and I wear our collars whenever we are out in the dark.
Making dogs visible to cars on walks and making it easy to find your pet at night in their own backyard, I can’t say enough good things about these collars. Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for a review on my blog, all opinions are my own. DogTipper Review: We operate on a two-dog walks per day schedule around here and we look forward to those constants in our life as much as Irie and Tiki do. So, we were delighted (no pun intended) to be able to review the new Glowdoggie Ultra lighted dog collar for DogTipper. The collars are made of translucent, heavy plastic material which is embedded with several bright LED lights. The collar comes with 2 AAA batteries which must be activated by rolling back the tubing which connects the ends of the collar and removing a small plastic cap which keeps the batteries inert during shipping. We were sent blue and green collars to try out and Irie and Tiki were eager to put them to the test. Irie is such a cautious dog we thought she might show some reservations about wearing the collar, but she took to it right away. In fact, the new collars seemed to energize them and added a new dimension to their usual pre-walk game of chase through the yard.

And, on the road for our walk, it was nice to know that should we drop a leash, the dogs would be easy to spot in the gathering darkness. We like the fact that the collar is a quality item made in Germany and also that it uses economical, easy-to-find alkaline AAA batteries for the power source.
Mostly, of course, we really like the safety factor that the collars represent for our dogs. I’m still thinking about this great collar and wanted to add that my dog Kody is deaf. You might also remember that back in October Shilah and I had a little photoshoot in the park with our Glowdoggie Led Collars. Another great thing about these collars is that there is no need for charging them, or plugging them in, or even flipping on a switch. Glowdoggie is a Canadian company which is bringing these illuminated collars to North America.
Although not inexpensive, the collars should last a long time and are a great investment if your dogs venture out after dark. The collar would be extremely beneficial for him because he can’t hear cars if he were to get loose or me if I were to call him back. Well Shilah and I are back again to share these great collars with you – and we also have a super fun giveaway too!
You simply hang the collars upright (like on a doorknob) for them to turn off and they immediately light up when you put them on your dogs neck.

We love the cooler weather that autumn brings but somehow we haven’t yet adjusted to the change in our dog walking schedule. The collars are engineered and made in Germany and have been available in Europe for some time but they are new to the American and Canadian markets. Sizing the collar correctly is important because the collar is designed to slip over the dog’s head, rather than being buckled in place. When not in use, just hang the collar up with the battery area upright and a motion sensor chip turns the lights off in a few seconds. Even after long evening walks with our dogs, the collars didn’t get warm to the touch. Though we live in a rural area with few cars to worry about, being out at night adds a level of danger to our dogs, even when they are securely leashed. Once the tubing is in place, the collar is waterproof and the shape of the collar tends to keep it positioned correctly while the dog is wearing it.
The company website has a nice set of instructions on using the collar correctly as well as links to YouTube video demos.

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