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So lots of people have been asking me how we took our dog over from the UK to Finland via flying. Got him weighed again (this time with his bag) at Pets at Home in Camden, and in total it was still under 5 kg so I’m sure we should get good to go for our summer trip to Finland. BUT I finally figured out the route, and the flights, AND found a place via Airbnb that accepts pets!!

Instead, he's put outside at the end of the day and left to find his way home to his owner, whoever it is.'We always say to him "see you tomorrow," said Mr Tarbox. I wanted to go as low down in Spain as possible, without being super far away from the airport because travelling with pets can be a bit of a tricky thing. More pics to follow from our little vaca later on :) And if ANYONE has ANY questions on how to fly, etc, with their dog, please feel free to ask!

He received a certificate, a new gold collar and a name tag engraved with his new title.Pets at Home are now urging Graham’s owners to come forward so that they can be rewarded for their loyalty with a privilege card and be given a tour of the store that Graham knows only too well.

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