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Mix the minced lemongrass with three tablespoons of fish sauce, two teaspoons of lime juice, and a half teaspoon of lime zest. Take care to check out where you are getting your meat, many sellers believe pain and fear make the meat more savory and will keep their dogs in inhumane and tortuous conditions to achieve maximum suffering. Watch professionally produced garden videos featuring garden designer and host Shirley Bovshow. Stay current with international gardening events, garden media personality and author interviews, live shows, how-to garden videos, garden tours, new product and plant profiles and more. Learn about the latest garden products, trends and new plant introductions for your garden as seen in garden shows all over the world!

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Bio: "EdenMaker" and "Foodie Gardener" are my online monikers because I design landscapes and edible gardens. Tender dog meat coupled with savory, citrus lemongrass sauce is sure to satisfy any cravings for for this cuisine.

A recommended way to cook this dish is to skewer the meat chunks and roast it in a rotisserie oven.
In many places, doing so is considered a taboo and may potentially be illegal (It would be advisable to check local laws regarding this issue).
The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici.

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