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The company has great collection of modern pet supplies, they believe that pets should be fashionable and stylish, well, I couldn’t agree more. Posts related to Hamish McBeth Savile Row Leather Dog Collars Modern Black Ombre Rope Dog Collar by Found My AnimalGorgeous Ombre Rope Dog Collar is hand dyed and crafted in Brooklyn, NY. Hi Conrad, you can contact Hamish McBeth to get further information about this collar, the link is at the bottom of the article. I must say that they did a great job in designing luxury dog collars just for your best furry friend, elegant and timeless design.

The name itself comes from the famous street in London of fine suit makers, I guess that’s because collar design reflects the skill of a good tailor.
This also helps the collar rotate around your dog's neck when you cue with a checkcord, thus maintaining a consistent point of contact. Super Collar : Hybrid Dog Collar and LeashWe just spot this cool Super Collar for your best furry pal. The hardware is solid brass and you can feel confident it is not going to pull apart when your dog puts pressure on it.

They also provide a matching Savile Row leather dog leash to match with Savile Row Leather Dog Collar.
In fact, there are a lot of other cool stuff in their store, you might want to check it out as their Christmas collection has arrived.

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