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How to change it: Gain control by only allowing your dog to move forward when the leash is loose. Management tool: Dogs are more apt to pull on back-clip harnesses, flat collars, choke chains and prong collars. Why it happens: Some dogs do this frequently, all throughout the walk, while others only do it when they are over-the-top with nervous agitation. The responsibility for fostering a more relaxed, controlled walk lies on the human side of the leash, though: Once you understand why your dog does the undesirable behavior, you can redirect him to a more constructive alternative. As soon as your dog pulls hard enough to make the leash tight, stop in place and wait for a loose leash before continuing forward.

To help manage pulling and gain more control on walks, use a front-clip harness that crosses the front of your dog's chest and gently nixes pulling.
Having something in their mouth is calming for some dogs, especially those bred to retrieve objects, like Labradors.
For some dogs, merely asking for a heel while walking or rewarding a quiet behavior while waiting, such as a down, replaces the leash chewing. As a dog trainer, I frequently work with clients whose canines are pulling on the leash, mouthing the leash, and barking and lunging at the end of the leash. For dogs who are powerful and out of control, head halters are another good choice for hindering pulling.

When a dog is pulling to get to something, like sniffing a bush or going into the dog park, only allow forward movement while he is on a loose leash.
Once he has walked close enough to the area of interest, ask for a quick behavior, like a hand target or sit, and release him to sniff the bush or enter the dog park as a reward.

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