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Concord, Mass., resident Lydia Lodynsky says that neighborhood cats destroyed her backyard bird sanctuary, despite a 6-foot fence, and she wants to do something about it.
While many towns require that cats be licensed or spayed and neutered, Lydia wants Concord to join the few American jurisdictions that have laws that regulate cat’s wanderings.
A postal worker created a guide for black travelers that was published almost every year from 1936 to 1966.
Leash training is not only a cool way to impress your neighbors (your kitty will strut proudly outdoors as the Jones’ cat watches from a window), it can be extremely useful for travel, moving, and pet emergency preparedness. Practice sessions where a cat wears a harness without a leash for a few days is a great idea you’ve got for the cat to get used to wearing it before going out on a walk.

I also think it’s a great idea you mentioned about also practicing with a leash indoors for a while and using the treats reward. I really love what you did to help us out, im and animal lover, and I had and idea that I wanted to walk my cat, but my family said it was a dumb idea, because cats just do what they want, how they want, and when they want, so I just gave up after a week of trying my own training sessions with my cat, and failed, but now that I read cat training 101 and cat leashing, you made me feel better, and I want to do it again, but your way this time.
I have had my little girl on a harness and leash since I brought her home and she is doing quite fine with it. We tried for a week and gave up because she would just flop down and not move every time we put the harness on. I`m interested in leash training my next cat as my two current ones are indoor-outdoor and have been all their 12 years.

Because if it`s not designed for cats you might want to get one that is (for safety reasons…).

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