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Potty train puppy could be done in some easy steps, but of course we need to do it routinely to get the best result. Here are some basic things that we need to know about How to House-Train a Puppy in a good way so we will get the best result, However, it would be important for us to know about the basic steps so we could maximize our trainings for our puppy to get a better and faster trained potty puppy. Once you establish a designated elimination spot, follow a consistent routine every time you take your puppy out. About Off The LeashOriginally launched on Facebook, Rupert Fawcett's brilliantly observed, touchingly truthful Off The Leash cartoons have developed a huge following around the world.
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Young pups are often bewildered or unsure of themselves and their newly acquired leash and collar. Simply put the collar on the puppy and let him jump, squirm, roll and paw at it if he wishes. When you are sure he is completely comfortable walking around with the leash on, pick up the other end for a few minutes.
Give your pup lots of practice getting used to walking on leash in his own home, since it is a familiar environment with minimal distractions.

If your pup is biting and chewing the leash, try applying bitter apple, Tabasco or some other unpleasant tasting (but nontoxic) substance to the leash. If your puppy is afraid of stairs, or simply does not know how to climb them, then begin slowly to build her confidence. We all know that puppy is a kind of hyperactive animal, and sometimes they have a bad habit that make us feel annoyed, including pooping and peeing anywhere. Some people made mistake by not getting the routine training for their puppy, so the first thing you should know about how to house-train a puppy is the importance of consistency. This website was launched to make Off The Leash more accessible to a wider community of dog lovers.
It usually takes only a few hours for a pup or even an adult dog to adjust to a collar though.
Let puppy drag the leash around on his own but keep a close eye on him so that he doesn't tangle or get hurt.
Your puppy's safety as well as compliance with your local leash law, is your responsibility. If he is very fearful of the leash, you may want to put it next to the food bowl for a while before attaching it to his collar.

When the two of you have mastered this, you are ready for places where there are more distractions.
Choke collars are a training aid and should never be used as a substitute for a regular buckle type collar. Repeat only one step over and over until your puppy goes up and down with ease and courage. Give him lots of time to get used to his leash and always try to make it a pleasant experience. Never force your puppy to go up or down as this will only frighten her and slow the process.

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