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When it comes to dealing with dogs who become fearful of certain things, we need to remember to slow things down. For those things that she finds fearful, such as a leash, a brush, the nail clippers, or anything else, you will need to start to slowly desensitize her to the items. Now, you will start bringing the leash (clipping end) to her collar, while offering her a reward. You will touch the leash to her collar, reward her, then remove the leash again. Once she’s good with that, you can continue with putting the collar on, and leaving it on. Another suggestion would be to try a harness to see if the dog might be more comfortable that way. Dogs will do what they need to do to make sure that their basic needs are met, in order to survive. Even though I always advise people to use positive methods with their dogs, I cannot stress it enough when it comes to working with fearful, or shy dogs.
Learning dog body language is very important when it comes to better understanding what our dogs are telling us, and what they are feeling.

To appear less threatening, or as more friendly to dogs, we should take care not to look at them straight in the eyes.
It is best to start these exercises with a hungry dog, as she will be even more motivated by the food (positives) that you will be offering her. Our intentions are always good, caring and loving, yet things aren’t always perceived that way by our fearful dogs. We can use positive methods, where we use motivators that the dog finds pleasurable, or we can use motivators that either hurt or scare the dog.
Anything that forces the dog to do something will only create more fear in a dog who is already fearful. When you touch or pet your dog, try to pet her from under her chin, or on her chest. Try not to touch the top of her head, the sides of her face, or her back.
You will follow the same steps as the previous exercise, working enough until she starts to anticipate and even look forward to the leash touching her collar.
There are different ways of dog training its depend on you which one you prefer like training with punishment or training with reward.

And if you create more fear in a dog, even inadvertently, without even meaning to, then all you are doing is creating a negative association for your dog. We want her to start to look forward to seeing the leash, as she will learn that when the leash comes out, she wins the lottery and get a piece of yummy sliced hot dog! The goal is not to get her to do anything. All of these, within the context of triggers are appeasement, or calming signals from your dog.
Something really awesome such as fried hot dog slices (thin), some peanut butter, small pieces of cheese, dried liver, or something else that you know will drive her nuts. They indicate that your dog is experiencing stress, and is trying to alleviate that stress.

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