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Bill teaches and reinforces the SIT command at a young age as part of his retriever puppy training. Bill explains his way of starting a retriever puppy, to get him started in the right direction. This beginning training will create habits and form a relationship that will be the foundation for any retrieving activities whether it's hunting ducks, chasing a tennis ball in your backyard, or going into competitive events. If you would like to receive info about upcoming videos plus training tips and other dog training bits and pieces -  jot down your email below and we'll be sure to include you.

You will watch the entire process of housebreaking, socialization, early training, obedience, being around kids, grooming, feeding and learning manners. We show the process of training a dog who has never been worked before, so you can see the progression from session to session. The most important part of the beginning stages of Labrador retriever puppy training is to develop a relationship with the puppy that will create a bond or a partnership. Good training is not one giant lesson, but small and gentle lessons that mold the puppy to be the model that we want.

If you have the idea of going forward into advanced retriever training or competition this information will be an excellent introduction to the basic program of almost any professional gun dog or retriever trainer.

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