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Congratulations!!!MACH2 Luka de La Brise --- first Pyr Shep to earn a MACH2AND the first to make the US World Agility Team! Cover Girls!Agility champions MACH Kira-Canalettes de La Brise PT &MACH La Brise Wild Whoopee OF featured on the cover of the AKC Gazette - March issue!
CH Aoubere du Val d'Ares HIC TCQCH La Brise Terra-Blue Vivette TCQCH La Brise Cinnamon Bear TCQ RN HICCH Audace de La Brise TCQ HIC--- mom, son, daughter & granddaughter -all majors!

Major Congratulations to Val Davis &New Champion  Chippewa Bleu de La Brise HICOwner Val Davis of Thimble Farm Pyr Sheps, Buffalo, NYpiloted Blue to finish his championship in style with a Group 3!!!
Another Group Placement for Lola!CH Audace de La BriseCongrats to owners Maggie Emmell and Betsy Atkinson!
Back to back Group Placementsfor Zed!CH Germinale de La Brise PT RE TDI VP1Grp 4 & Grp 2 at Delaware Co KCand back-to-back-to-back Group 2's at Howard County & Fitchburg!

Congratulations to Wilson on his first title!Wilson Carl de La Brise NAJAfter overcoming the insidious Valley Fever, Wilson finally has the fungus on the run, so that he can run & run!

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