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Obtain a crate that is large enough for your husky to turn around in and stand up comfortably in. When your husky is comfortable staying alone in the crate while you are in another room, you can graduate to actually leaving the house for a few moments. Take your puppy or adult dog on a long walk or have a long play session before putting him in the crate when you will be gone for a long period of time.
When you get your new dog, one of the first things you will want to work on is potty training.
Huskies have a friendly disposition but they are energetic and intelligent dogs and can get into trouble if bored and left alone in a house all day.

If it is too big then puppies are likely to go pee in it because the crate will be big enough for them to establish a “toilet” and a “bedroom”.Place blankets or a dog bed in the bottom of the crate for your dog to sleep on.
If your dog plays in the water and tips the bowl over then use the type of water bottle that attaches to the crate's door and releases water when licked,  If your husky is going to be left in the crate for a couple of hours or over night to sleep, it isn’t necessary to leave food in the crate as well. Put toys that are acceptable for the dog to chew on unsupervised in the crate. Your Husky needs to think of his crate as his special place. Give your husky a frozen stuffed kong to chew on to act as a fun diversion for him when you leave the house.
When they are still in the whelping box, the puppies will crawl away from their sleeping area to an area they chose as the potty area, and eliminate there.

Usually the need to crate your husky is only a temporary one until they are potty trained and have stopped chewing on inappropriate things.  The key to crate training is teaching your dog to love the crate and use it as his den.
If your dog goes into the crate before you have dropped a treat, even better.Start closing the door as your husky goes into the crate to eat the treats. If he whines or barks, do not reward him with attention, and try not to open the crate in response to his protests; instead, wait until he’s quiet to praise or release him, Husky’s are vocal dogs with a stubborn streak so don’t panic if your dog begins to howl, scream and fuss, you are not hurting or being cruel to your dog by making him go into a crate.

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