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Karen Pryor Academy was born of the many requests the company received from dog trainers to help set standards for good training and teaching practices, and to help trainers become more financially successful. The program also provides smart business advice and marketing support to ensure that our graduates are as successful as they can be.
The strict graduation requirements ensure that only students who receive a 90% or better on their teaching and training assessments will pass. The course is challenging and is a commitment in time and money, but our graduates feel that the investment is well worth it. Karen Pryor Academy was founded by Karen Pryor Clicker Training and launched nationally in 2007 with training centers throughout North America.
Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior is an educational institution that teaches modern animal training through innovative programs designed for both experienced and aspiring teachers.

The KP Academy mission is to create excellent teachers and trainers, provide a better vehicle for spreading clicker training among professionals and pet owners, create processes for increased professional collaboration and ongoing learning and advancement in the field, and create better economic opportunities for professional trainers.
Just ask veterinary technician Debbie Martin, a KPA graduate and co-author of Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog. After ClickerExpo conferences, attendees who came for this knowledge wanted to go out and teach, and Karen Pryor Clicker Training wanted to encourage that. Karen Pryor Academy helps graduates leverage their marketing efforts with their corporate marketing programs, so that we work together.
After graduation, the Assurance, Commitment and Education (ACE) program ensures that participating certified graduates continue their education and teach in accordance with the KPA high standards through annual client surveys and continuing education credits. The Academy builds on decades of scientific research and practical development by behavior analysts, ethologists, clicker trainers, and TAGteachers around the world, culminating in a curriculum that is unlike anything else out there.

KPA also include a fully developed beginner dog training curriculum that graduates can use to teach classes to pet owners. Karen Pryor Academy has reached out to the veterinary community to help veterinarians locate certified trainers they can be assured will provide a positive and professional experience in learning with the pet owner and the pet.

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