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All eyes will be on both the rapper and the city come the stroke of midnight this December 31. Beyond bringing a great party vibe, you can expect the master of ceremonies to be outfitted in a tux.
Rapping was his way out, and he knew he had the talent—he could sense the draw his skills had as groups of fellow high school students would amass to watch him throw down at rap battles on school grounds. In a tribute to the positive forces in his early life, today he’s focused on giving back to the people of the community that reared him, investing his time and dedication into the Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM) charter school. Rapper Pitbull predicted that Flight MH370 would go missing two YEARS ago, it has been suggested.
Conspiracy theorists have been drawing comparisons between the lyrics of his 2012 track Get It Started and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the plane on March 8. Viewers on YouTube are convinced the two passports is a reference to the stolen Austrian and Italian passports used by two Iranians to board MH370. They also believe the three cities refer to the capital cities of Malaysia, China and Vietnam and the two countries are Malaysia and Vietnam.

Other conspiracy theories aired include that the plane was shot down by the Americans and that it was hijacked by terrorists and forced to land in Afghanistan where the 239 passengers and crew are being held hostage. He’s long since cast off the oversize street threads and baseball caps of his early days for the polished duds and luxury lifestyle he now flaunts.
His keen ear for musical trends, and the magic touch for folding them into his own universe of sound, is a skill that parallels his take on growing up in Miami’s melting pot. Even that decision to don those eye-poppingly tight, tailored Italian suits, he says, is rooted in his love and respect for the city’s residents. That’s something that I always looked up to, whether we were having a good relationship at the time or not. Today, at 33, he’s a self-made music icon and shrewd businessman, with a reported fortune to the tune of $50 million and counting. His parents instilled the Cuban culture in him by making him memorize the words of Cuban poet, Jose Marti. Living down here with so many different cultures, you get the chance to see that, yeah, we may be different, but we’re a lot more similar than we think we are.

Sports shows you discipline, it shows you the harder you work, the better you get, and it shows you the value of a team. But hey, I ran into the university of life, and man, since I was a kid I’ve been living the School of Hard Knocks. All of these kids come from interesting neighborhoods of Miami, most of which I lived in: Allapattah, Wynwood, Overtown, Little Havana, Liberty City, Opa-Locka, Carol City. His business acumen, says Pérez, came straight from the streets of the neighborhoods he grew up on while bouncing from one home to the next with his single mother. I want them to be able to do what they want with their life, without having to use me as that connection, and to have that, as we say in Spanish, agalla, which is backbone.

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