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The Irish Terrier Rescue Network (ITRN) is the only 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit public charity dedicated to the Irish Terrier in the nation.  Our mission is to rescue, provide safe haven, and re-home abandoned, neglected, and unwanted Irish Terriers regardless of pedigree or circumstance. We were founded in December 2010  with a few simple goals:  ensure that every Irish Terrier has a hearth and a home to call their own, mentor new owners, and educate the public about the breed and rescue in general. ITRN is a busy and happy place.   Available Irish is the place to read about all our Irish in need of new homes. Help the Red DogsYour generous donation is used to defray the cost of caring for the Irish Terriers in our care. Originating in Ireland during the 1700s, the Irish Terrier is one of the oldest Terrier breeds. A bold, reckless, and spirited breed, the Irish Terrier is also adventurous and hot-tempered.

The Irish Terrier requires regular brushing with a stiff bristle brush to minimize shedding and remove dead hair. All rights reserved; no pictures may be used without permission from Jess and Jessica Nash of Glenstal Irish Terriers. Anamcara Irish Terriers are dedicated to preserving and improving the health, temperament and beauty of the Irish Terrier, consistent with the Irish Terrier Breed Standard. We breed, show and own high quality Irish Terriers that have enjoyed great success in the show ring.
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For organization info such as the ITRN financial statements,  The Wag – our newsletter, press releases and other asundry things, check out News Bytes .

Take advantage of our PuppyMatch service or simply browse our massive directory of dog breeds, dog breeders and puppy for sale listings. AnonymousMy Irish Terrier can still see, hear, and walk short distances in the neighborhood at 15.5 years. I don't think my Irish would be able to live without that cat!AnonymousMy Irish terrier is friends with my 6 year old british bulldog and my 2 year old cat.The terrier is only a puppy and I was more worried about him getting on with the cat, but they share a bed and are often found sharing each others dinner.

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