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If you're thinking of adding to your family, Ireland enjoys quite an engaging diversity of breeds for you to choose from.
I want to thank the AKC for providing such excellent information about the different dog breeds. Glen of Imaal Terrier— Glen of Imaal, a valley in the Wicklow mountains, is the region in Ireland after which this hardy breed is named. Irish Setter— Green may be the colour most often associated with Ireland, but deep mahogany is the colour of this four-legged beauty. Irish Terrier— This breed was featured in the 2007 movie Firehouse Dog, in which it was cast as a canine hero. Irish Water Spaniel— This breed was among the original nine breeds recognized by AKC in 1884. Kerry Blue Terrier— The “Kerry Blue” hails from the Irish county of the same name; he had been purebred in that section of Ireland for more than a hundred years. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier— A truly Irish breed, the “Wheaten” has a special connection to St. Patrick’s I thought it would be nice to discuss the characteristics and history of 7 Irish dog breeds! Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the loveable breeds of Irish descent with a fun AKC profile covering the background and personality of each of these eight beauties.

Longer than tall and sporting a double coat of medium length, the “Glen” possesses great strength and conveys the impression of a dog of good substance.
The Irish Setter was among the original breeds recognized by AKC at its inception in 1884 and is part of the Sporting Group. Not surprising, considering that Irish Terriers were used to transport messages between troops on the front lines in World War I. Patrick’s Day, having first appeared in the show ring at the Irish Kennel Club Championship on March 17, 1937.
This breed is thought to have emerged at the end of the 17th century in Ireland, and is red and white in colour, as opposed to the solid red Irish Setter. Irish Setters have rollicking personalities and require a good amount of exercise to satisfy their breed instincts; they are tough and tireless field retrievers. This is a swift breed which hunts by sight, and needs an ample, fenced yard to accommodate its full gallop. The name of this breed describes the characteristics of the coat—soft, silky, with a gentle wave, and of warm wheaten colour. The history of the breed is as mysterious as the myths and legends of the country of origin. Loyal and friendly, Irish Terriers hardily adapt to any situation, and they are deeply committed to their owners.

As in early times, Irish Wolfhounds possess an extraordinary social temperament, as well as the intelligence to separate friend, family, and foe. In recent centuries, however, their ferocity has subsided, leaving behind a big teddy-bear of a dog. It takes about three years for this breed to fully mature into adulthood, so if you’re considering bringing an Irish Setter into your home, you should be prepared for an active, fun-loving dog. They are impressive dogs and possess an endurance quality which makes them equally agile in the water and in the field. The breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1922, and came into the national spotlight when CH. Sizable excursions should take place at least once a day.If one is willing to put in a moderate amount of effort, it is very hard to go wrong with this breed. Certain names that arise are the Barbet, the Poodle, and the Portuguese Water Dog, among others.
Irish Terriers are certainly not dumb, but their innate thirst for action can make them an ordeal to train.

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