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Hearing aids are most commonly used forpeople with damage to the hair cells of your inner ear.
Batteries are among the hearingaccessories can make yourhearing aid work better and last longer. Yet that can happen to someone with a hearing impairment because the symptoms, byproducts, of cognitive and hearing loss are similar. Now, studies have shown that there is a link between hearing and cognitive loss, that the hearing impaired are at greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s.
Clearly, if you are going to do everything you can to prevent Alzheimer’s, then making sure wax is removed from the ears, having regular hearing tests, buying hearingĀ aids (from a reputable clinician) and wearing them, is an important step. But it doesn’t work when I leave it on the dresser which is where a lot of hearing aids seem to end up.
There is a difference, of course, between hard of hearing and the tuning out that can take place in a long term partnership.

But there is nothing funny about the real thing — hearing impairment is definitely not a joke. Hearing loss can lead to isolation with the depression and sedentary lifestyle that can be its companions, all of which are factors in dementia.
Put your hand over your mouth when you speak and you make it impossible for me to do the lipreading that the hearing impaired automatically rely on to augment sound. Those of us who suffer from it experience hardship, from being shut out of public conversation, to not being able to have a private conversation in a public place because the other person has to speak too loudly, to sometimes speaking too loudly ourselves, to not hearing the intimate words of love whispered in the ear. In retrospect, I suspect that there were early signs of Alzheimer’s that we dismissed as hearing issues. Untreated hearing loss can get in the way of that by restricting conversation, making going to the theatre, movies, lectures, playing games, very difficult, if not impossible.
So being in a crowded place wearing a hearing aid is to be subjected to a cacophony of noise.

So, if you have not admitted to a hearing problem, if it has not been diagnosed and treated, there is a chance that you may be misdiagnosed, told incorrectly that you have early Alzheimer’s, with all the resulting medical and social implications. Did he know that there was more than hearing at stake and, if he did, and did not tell any of us, it must have been a very lonely and frightening period for him. Everyone who lives with someone who has a hearing impairment will be familiar with all the excuses.

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