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The lower mantle is found between 670km and 2,890km below the surface, and is made from  solid rock. The Earth is not just one big ball that’s solid throughout, although it might look that way! The crust is an outer solid layer and this is where all life exists, including us, animals, mountains, sea and soil. Then there’s the continental crust which is covered by land and is made mostly out of granite.
The next layer that comes is called the mantle and here’s all the info you need to understand this layer of the Earth.
The mantle is about 2,900km thick and amazingly it makes up about 85% of the Earth’s weight.
As we mentioned earlier, the oceanic crust is made of basalt, which is a really thick rock, and this can press into the mantle and then fill with water. The inner core apparently spins at a different speed to the rest of the planet and this causes the Earth’s magnetic field. The mantle of the earth is solid rock, but amazingly it can be moulded, just like play dough. Diameter: Straight line through the center of a circle that runs between two points on the outside (circumference) of the circle.

Answer: Scientists learn about the Earth by studying other planets, earthquakes and volcanoes and even by drilling into the Earth. The outer core flows around the centre of the Earth, and the movement of the metals creates our planet’s magnetic field.
The lower part of the upper mantle is made from both solid and melted rock (liquid), while the rock in the upper region is stiffer, because it’s cooler.
Well they watch how waves travel through the Earth, called Seismic waves, which are caused from earthquakes or eruptions.
Those clever scientists think that when they rise from the very intense heat, and then cool down again, that they sink back to the core. Well they move and crash into each other and this causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The continents were made from lighter blocks that float on the mantle like massive big icebergs. The effect of this magnetic field spreads way beyond the Earth and goes off far into space.
As we don’t really know for sure, there are some people who think that it is 5,150km thick and between 3,982?C to 4,982?C hot! This certainly isn’t the type of play dough you’d want to play with; your fingers would burn as it’s so crazy, mad hot!

The layer beneath the ocean bed is made of oceanic crust, which is about 8km thick and made mainly from a rock called basalt. The top layer, which is what we stand on is the crust, next comes the mantle and finally the core. The Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago, and when this happened, all the heavy materials sunk to the middle and this became the inner core. It actually forms a barrier that helps protect the Earth from the Sun’s destructive solar winds. The inside of the Earth is still unbelievably hot because of nuclear reactions that are still going on. As soon as you take the cap off, though, some of the liquid soda escapes and becomes a gas. Scientists can’t exactly get in a rocket and head right to the middle of the Earth, or the core, so it’s difficult to know exactly what’s there.
But being as clever as they are, they are always coming up with new ideas, and as measuring equipment becomes more advanced so they learn new things all the time.

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