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Please print, complete and bring this form with you to your first dog grooming appointment. Teeth in poor shape will cause mouth pain, and smaller dogs tend to have more problems than larger dogs. Before they leave, have your clients initial an estimate of the groom on the Client Information Card. Among the most popular trend in consultation is assistance for grooming business owners interested in evolving their grooming business into a professional school. As you can imagine there are many tasks to becoming a school as well as a grooming business.

Let us share more about our family company and goals to create the highest quality education in pet styling.
Our proven programs provide you with a great feeling about the education you can offer without worrying about what to teach today or how the to teach a complicated subject to someone who has never groomed at all! As a former stylist, salon owner, business developer and owner I can share the benefits of having a pet styling school operation whether you do it on your own or are interested in more information about licensing a Golden Paws Academy. It would include the name of the vet, under what circumstances you would bring a pet in, who pays for what and credit card information with an authorized amount.
Recommend any concerns found during the assessment checked by a veterinarian and make sure any changes are noted at future grooming appointments.

Important pet information on the card includes vaccination history-Getting bit is not time to find out the status of rabies protection!-and any personality or medical issues.

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