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Puppy is a carnivorous animal, but you need to serve a balance diet to make your puppy healthy and strong.
Snow Leopards facts bring detail information about one of the most powerful and wild animals in the world. When a puppy is first born, 90 percent of their life is spent sleeping while the other 10 percent is spent eating. Puppy’s nose is sensitive.  The development of smelling sense begins when it reaches 3 weeks. When your puppy reaches the age of 6 -9 years old, you need to go to the veterinary surgeon for vaccination. But it can be a source of diseases if you cannot look after it well.  The facts about puppy above urge you to present comfortable environment and vaccination for puppy regularly.

The average human newborn sleeps 16 hours in a 24 hour time period, whereas puppies get around 14 hours of shut-eye.
At 3 weeks old, puppies not only develop a keen sense of smell, but they're also pretty amazing sniffers.
That’s why you should never wonder when finding out that more than five million puppies are born each year. When you have touched the puppy, you need to wash your hand with soap to eliminate any diseases, bacteria or virus. Since a lot of important development and growth happens for the pup during this time, it is important that they get their rest. The percentage devoted to sniffing smells in a puppy's brain is actually 40 percent larger than humans — and they can smell things over a 1,000 times better than the average human!

A bit more common in larger breeds due to their long legs and big paws, puppies are quite the clumsy creatures when they trot alongside you. Until then, it's very important for the mini-puppies to stay close to mom and their siblings to eat and grow properly.

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