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When the dog barks, stand in front of the dog and hold your hand out and say "enough" in a firm tone. In general, the best way to eliminate bad behaviour in dogs is to keep them tired as much as possible. A useful tip for ignoring barking is to get rid of the stimulus that agitates your dog or to present the dog with it so much that it loses interest (desensitization). If your dog is barking for some kind of reward, which is usually the case, identify the reward and remove it.

If all else fails, talk to a professional and have a dog trainer teach your dog not to bark or help you identify what triggers barking and teach you how to reduce it. GuestDave Miller5 months 17 hours agoTo ignore your dog’s barking is very bad advise in my opinion because as in my neighborhood your dog will just continue to bark on and off and drive your poor neighbors nuts.
In other words, a dog who gets a few hours of exercise every day is unlikely to be bothered to bark at the “little” things, such as passers-by or noises from the street. The main reason dogs bark is because people who have no right to own a dog just leave poor old Fido locked up in the yard without ever taking him for a walk and Fido becomes bored out of his mind.

This will show the dog it doesn't matter if they bark and if you hold out a toy or a treat it will show the dog it's good to bark, and that will get you an even worse headache.

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