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Stopping a dog from barking and jumping to put the leash on and go for a walk can be challenging with an energetic canine. Stopping a dog from barking and jumping usually requires a lot of patience and consistency from you. To teach your hound to be quiet and calm before going for a walk, you will do a kind of "dance" (which I like to call The Dance of the Dog Leash). Return from Stopping a dog from barking and Jumping to Stop Barking Main page.Return from Stopping a dog from barking and Jumping to Home page. He will understand that you are not going to be interested in his jumping and he will eventually stop jumping on you.
If your pooch jumps on you and barks as you try to hook his leash to go for a walk you will find here solutions to solve this dog jumping problem.The key is to teach your canine friend self-control with different exercises and in different environments. It is necessary to convey to your hound that to get the leash on and go for a walk he needs to calm down!The first thing you need to understand is that your pooch is simply too happy to stay still.

If your dog is sitting you will get closer, slowly, to attach the leash, if he breaks the sit you will put the leash back in the rack and walk away! Practice them daily for great results:1- When you feed your hound do not just put his bowl down freely. It may be hard at first because you will feel sorry for the dog but it worth trying and it will teach lesson to your dog that bad behavior will result in nothing. With lots of practice your pet will look at you calmly for permission.3- Learn how to train a reliable dog command.
Beside of the fact that widely jumping dog is a bad behaved dog who cannot handle good manners, they can destroy many things as well. When your dog is using his energy in proper way, he will not be that excited to spend his energy jumping widely on you or on your guests. Happiness and excitement are wonderful emotions, we just need to teach your furry friend to express them in a relaxed way.

This article outlines everything you need to know to teach your hound to respond to you even with distractions!4- Teach your pet to "Settle" on command. This is very easy to do if you are consistent about rewarding your pet every time you see him relaxed.Leave us your comments below! You will notice that during one training session, your hound will start to stay on a sitting position longer and longer as you approach with the leash.
I recommend you start training The Dance of the Dog Leash on a day you have plenty of time.

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