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Separation anxiety is as it sounds – a condition where dogs and owners have difficulty being separated from one another. The greatest challenge often lies with the owner, as a dog’s behavior can expose the co-dependent nature of the owner.
Some of you aren’t going to like this, but a dog with separation anxiety is not allowed to sleep in bed with its owner, as it reinforces the already co-dependent nature of the relationship and doesn’t allow the dog to feel independent.
Building relationships with fellow dog owners and tending to each other’s dogs is great for dogs and helps owners manage, as well.

Separation anxiety has become pandemic in this country, and the solution is simple but not always easy. Separation anxiety is such a common problem that causes much grief, and is sometimes a real danger to the dog.
Start with a few seconds and then build in small increments on that, once the dog seems comfortable.
I suggest hiring a dog walker who will take the dog out with a pack, and try to convince friends and family to take the dog for a walk…solo.

Separation anxiety is torturous for the animal and conscientious owners can be held hostage by it.

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