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The average dog owner does not have a clue about how strong the genes are that control their puppy's temperament, personality, and drives. I have owned and trained dogs for 45 years, and bred over 350 litters of German Shepherds since 1978. When a puppy is raised with littermates they begin to establish their family pack at about 4 ½ weeks of age. What a pack leader is not, is a dictator who loses his temper, bullies pack members into compliance, and does not act in a fair manner in regard to the lives of pack members. Puppies who grew up and became dominant and aggressive dogs were always raised by people who did not establish the correct family pack structure. When a puppy comes to your home its only experience in life has been with its mother and littermates.
It has played with littermates by biting and chasing, so that’s how it thinks it should continue to interact within a family pack. It’s your job to teach your puppy (without scaring it) that you are the new pack leader. Our first goal is to reduce the possibility of house training mistakes and to teach the pup that being wild in the house is not going to happen. While this is not a house training article, I want to make the point that teaching a dog to pee or poop when it's on a line is a very smart thing to do. Those who allow puppies to run around un-tethered are only asking for the problems that will eventually come up.

As time passes and the pup calms down and learns manners in the house, I may let it lie at my feet when I work on my computer.
When people get puppies with a lot of prey drive they are often at a loss as to what to do to control the little alligator they now live with. I have written extensively about the fact that we never allow our puppies to be around other dogs or puppies.
I get emails all the time from people who have serious behavioral problems because they mistakenly bought two pups which are now 12 to 24 months old.
If we are out for a walk and are approached by another person walking their dog we NEVER allow the other dog to come up and smell or greet our puppy. For questions related to training, you can check our extensive Q&A section or contact Cindy if your question has not been asked.
Puppies that don’t have a sold pack structure grow up to become dominant and obnoxious adult dogs. Those pups that bite the hardest and push the most become the higher ranking pack members of the litter. A good mother will exert her leadership by warning puppies to stay away from her food bowl when she is eating. It sees that things have changed, but it has no reason to believe that how it interacts with a family pack has changed.
These pups are going to get into things, they are going to pee on the floor, or they are going to jump up and play bite.

All dogs, puppies or adults, get excited when it's time to be let out or time to come back in the house. They are always on a line and we always make the pup sit for food when we go outside or come back inside. We don’t bully him and we teach him that if he gives us the toy when told the game will sometimes go on and not end. If we are out for a walk and a stray dog tries to approach our puppy we put ourselves between the pup and the off leash dog. But when the leader is finished and he turns the food over to other pack members, he does not come back and drive them away from the food. We leave food down for 15 minutes and then pick it up, even if the dog has not eaten it all. I show how to teach a wild puppy to calm down and knock it off without shaking it or hitting it or raising your voice.
If we walk in an area that we know there are stray dogs we will carry pepper gas or a stout walking stick and we don't hesitate to use them if the stray does not heed our verbal warnings.

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