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Most attack dogs are well trained and will not act in an aggressive way unless they are commanded to by their owner. If you have a pure-bred dog that is not a typical guard dog breed, or if you have a mutt, it is still possible for you to train him to be an excellent guard dog.
If your dog is an adult and you have already trained and socialized him, then he should be well on his way to becoming a good guard dog.
Once your dog gets comfortable with the bark command while in the same area or spot, move him to different areas in your yard and in your house.
Over time, you want to try to train your dog to bark at the sound of the doorbell or a knock at the door, rather than at your command. If you want to turn your guard dog into an attack dog, sign him up for extensive training with a professional dog handler.
This version of How to Train a Guard Dog was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on August 27, 2015. Contrary to what you might think, most guard dogs are not taught to attack.[1] Rather, they are taught non-confrontational techniques, such as how to stand guard and how to use their bark to alert you of a stranger or potential danger on your property. A guard dog is trained to alert its owner of the presence of a stranger or intruder through barking or growling. Though most dogs can be trained to be guard dogs, certain dog breeds are known to make good guard dogs. If he has the behavioral characteristics of a guard dog and is properly trained and socialized, then you could train him to guard and protect you.

Contrary to popular belief, a good guard dog should not react out of fear or pure aggression. A confident dog is curious about a new person or a new area, and is not shy or timid around new people.[9] Your dog may already have this trait inherently, but proper socialization can also instill confidence in a dog. To train your dog to alert you when a stranger is at the door or on your property, you first need to establish a trigger word to act as a command. Most dogs are natural barkers and do not need a command to bark at the sound of someone approaching or a sudden noise. After repeating this several times, your dog should start to connect your praise of his bark with a reward. You should also test his response to the command when you are walking him or playing together in a public place. After three to four repetitions, give your dog a break and let him do something else for about 45 minutes. He should eventually start to associate the doorbell or a knock with a bark and bark once at the sound.
Now that your dog has learned how to bark on cue, the next is to command him to stop barking. As with all training activities, repetition is necessary to teach your dog to respond appropriately to your command every time that you give it.[38] Practice this command in short intervals and reward him with a treat each time that he gets it right. Teaching a dog attack techniques properly is best left to professionals, as you do not want to train a dog incorrectly and end up with an overly aggressive dog.[39] Look for a professional dog trainer online, or ask your veterinarian for trainer recommendations.

She enjoys editing new articles, patrolling recent changes, and interacting in the wikiHow forums. Training your dog to be a guard dog will take some time and patience, but the result will be a dog that will not only protect you against a threat, but will also be comfortable and well behaved in non-threatening situations.
Guard dogs are not typically trained to attack on command or to act overly aggressive towards a stranger. If you want to test his response during a walk, stop walking him and look him directly in the eye. When your dog starts barking in response to the ring, put a tasty treat in front of his nose. He may not know who is on the other side, so you want to encourage his protective instinct to bark and alert you of something unfamiliar to him. To begin, tie your dog up on his leash to a kitchen table leg or on a spot on your fence in your backyard.

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