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If your dog still attempts to jump a taller fence, consider constructing an angled addition. Not only are jumping dogs a danger to themselves, they pose a threat to other people and pets in your neighborhood. Unaltered dogs often escape in an attempt to satisfy hormonal urges, and spaying or neutering cuts down on the desire to roam. Dogs with pent-up energy are more likely to jump the fence and run around the neighborhood, so give your dog plenty of walks and play sessions to alleviate excess energy.

Positive reinforcement is enough to keep many dogs from jumping, but a taller fence will contain even the most stubborn dog. These special additions angle the top of the fence 45 degrees toward the center of the yard, creating an overhang that makes the fence extremely difficult to jump. Lawson specializes in pet and food-related articles, utilizing her 15 years as a sous chef and as a dog breeder, handler and trainer to produce pieces for online and print publications. This prevents the dog from getting close enough to jump the fence and teaches him that coming when called results in a treat.

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