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This just means that you started distancing yourself too early for the dog. The dog has not clearly associated the concept of stay with being on the base regardless of where the human is yet. Your dog will start to get real good at Stay after you have been doing this consistently for sometime.
Like training Stay, you can start to widen the distance you are from the base when you say Go to. Set the dog up for success, when the dog is fairly reliable with Go to and Stay, start practising it every time someone rings the doorbell. Eventually, you may find, just as I did that after a while the doorbell sends the dog briskly to her crate. The reason why I suggest a base for training Stay, is because I found my dog learnt Stay really fast, after days of fruitless training Stay without a base.
And she still isn’t very good at staying in the crate for long periods because she is naturally curious about strangers in the house, which is normal for any dog. I don’t think I will ever be able to manage if it’s more than one dog at a time!!

I think this post will really encourage people to be patient and take the time to train their dogs. Dog Healthweliveinaflat health articles get the added insight from our vet partner, the lovely Dr Jo from Creature Clinic, so you may be sure what we say is credible. This is a no contact, force free method that ensures safety for both the human and the dog.
They don’t know how to manage the dog appropriately like you, so it makes a better experience for all if you train the dog how to behave in advance.
With three of us, it is nearly impossible, but we are getting better about not getting all over visitors.
So many of us want our dogs to change their behavior at the door, but maybe we don’t take the time to teach them another way.
The key is being consistent so it becomes a habit for your dog to run to her crate and stay when somebody is at the door. Of course, we’re only supposed to only have one dog in a flat per the housing regulations also.

We hardly get any visitors, so I don’t really have a routine for Ace these days, honestly. Keep the commands short and different sounding, so the dog is able to differentiate easily. If the person coming in says something to them, however, it is a lot more difficult to get them to stay. Thankfully he is not a jumper, but people still don’t appreciate a big dog barking at them or charging them.
The money is not enough to support the running cost of the blog, but eventually it will treat me to a cup of coffee.

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