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About an eon ago when my parents got the family a Boxer puppy, we trained it the way we had been taught with our last dog. Step 1: Practice off leash in a puppy-safe, potty safe area and reward little Bowser for sitting. Step 2: Next, repeat the same process with a lightweight leash attached to her flat collar so she gets used to the feel of the leash.
If you have a puppy who follows nicely by this stage but still balks once she feels pressure on the leash, you can move to Stage 2 of training where you train her that pressure on the leash is ok.
Put a tiny bit of pressure on her leash while waving a really tasty treat so she thinks more about the treat than about how the pressure might scare her. If you think you have the most difficult puppy in the world, first off, know that probably 30 of your friends would disagree.
It is this Australian Cattle Dog puppy's first day home and she is learning to come when called and to sit for petting, treats, and toys, even when other dogs are around.
Peggy, the 6 month old puppy, demonstrates loose leash walking and the importance of paying attention to her owner when there are distractions. And if we choose methods that are as crude as dental care in the 16th century, we should realize that some dogs learn no matter what we do to mess them up. Of course, make sure that she can’t get it snagged on anything or you’ll be adding an extra day or two to your training!

Once she follows you 3-6 times, she will most likely start to walk with you as you begin to walk away.
Then within a split second of starting the tiny tug, place a yummy treat into your puppy's face.
Yet another alternative that trains puppies that the leash pressure is not scary is the leave-it exercise which should be taught after your puppy knows to sit and focus on you well (see section 5.6 in Perfect Puppy in 7 Days for full photo illustrated instructions or watch Creating the Perfect Puppy DVD). A plethora of methods for fixing the Balking Bowser, and for ensuring that any puppy learns to walk willingly on a leash. Yin tells the story of how she secretly trained her father's Cattle Dog puppy Lucy, to be perfect in a week, and how to fix the problem pup in a month. However, it can be a little tricky getting some puppies to walk on leash, because some puppies get scared as soon as they feel even a slight tug. The puppy screamed like he was about to die while pedestrians peered into our alley as they passed by, surely wondering if we were puppy abusers.
And that is, that even with medieval methods of puppy training, this puppy somehow learned to walk on leash, not because of the method, but in spite if it! All of you can go on to the next Stage 3 of training: a variation of the technique for training dogs to love collar grabs. The goal is to train the bitty Bowser that the slight pressure on the collar equals a big yummy treat.

A two sentence run down here is that you toss a treat past the end of the leash and when Bowser goes to the end to get the treat, because you stand completely still and do NOT pull her back, she just realizes that the pressure she feels around her neck means she should do something else … something that will cause the pressure to decrease. Our understanding and knowledge, and thus our training and teaching techniques, are always evolving. But knowing only one method of training, I vaguely remember telling my friend, who was with us, . If he had been even a mildly sensitive puppy—you know the kind that grows up caring what people think instead of the type that hurls himself at sliding glass doors to get to the toy outside in spite of your shouts to come to you—he could have easily learned to be fearful of the leash!
So, you can walk but with quick little steps so it looks like you are sprinting to get her to follow after you.
Our insight into the animal’s point of view and awareness of how all our interactions affect them allows us and our pets to have fun and enjoy life together every day. If you approach this systematically, you can progress quickly—within just one to a handful of short sessions in the standard puppy with this type of issue.

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