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Clicker training your dog is another great way to help positively reinforce desired behaviors.
If your dog still seems to bark due to boredom despite being out twice a day to expel some energy, try ramping up the amount of time you spend out for each exercise session. For example, if your dog barks at passersby while in the house, close the blinds or curtains to block their view.
Be aware that you dog's barking will get worse before it gets better if you need to break an existing habit.
You may want to explain to neighbors that you are trying to stop the barking issue and apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. If you are utilizing clicker training with your dog, then remember to mark the silence with a click before rewarding the quiet. This version of How to Train Dogs Not to Bark was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on August 4, 2015. Training a dog not to bark early on is much easier than breaking the habit once your dog has developed it.

Distracting your dog with other basic commands that the dog understands is a great way to avoid reinforcing barking by accident.[4] To learn more about teaching your dog commands, check out How to Teach Your Dog Basic Commands. Barking is a manner of expression for your dog, and the dog may bark in response to emotional states, especially boredom.
A dog may be bored or frustrated because it has been confined to a particular area or has no outlets for its energy. If a dog perceives a person or other dog as intruding on its territory, it may bark as a way of asserting a claim to that territory. If you have any reason to suspect that your dog may be barking because of a health concern, make an appointment to see your vet.
As that happens, begin to lengthen the amount of time the dog must be quiet before receiving a reward. When your dog begins to bark, redirect it to do something that will distract it from the stimulus. While in the process of re-training your dog, keep your dog out of hearing range of the neighbors as much as possible to minimize nuisance.

Dogs are pack animals and need to feel part of a family, so when you come home, bring your dog inside and allow it to socialize with you and your family.
If your dog develops a bad barking habit, you can, with the proper techniques and by addressing the underlying cause, teach your dog better behavior. One of the keys to this is to avoid ever reinforcing or rewarding barking in the first place. You can often tell when a dog is barking territorially because its ears will be forward and its tail held up high. If you do this consistently, then your dog will begin to understand that the barking does not receive a reward but the quiet does. Next time the dog starts barking at another passer, immediately lead the dog inside by the leash.

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