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Once the dog is desensitized to the sound of the doorbell and can stay in his spot, we move to a real-world rehearsal by turning the dog loose. Maintain realistic expectations by asking guests to avoid loud, excited greetings of the dog. Moderate barking in response to the ring is fine so long as the dog stays in the designated spot.

While he is freely roaming the house, ring the doorbell and signal your dog to go to the spot, or happily take him there if he’s still learning. The protocol should be to thank the dog for alerting you that there is a guest at the door. Have everyone who lives in the house ring the doorbell when they come home. Once eighty percent success has been achieved, practice the entire ritual and delay the reward until the end of the exercise.

The dog should then be led to a designated spot and be able to wait while the guest is greeted.

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