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First of all, even if your dog knows his name, do not pass on this lesson since you will definitely learn something. As you know already, to be able to attract your pooch, the thing to do is to call him by his name.
For your dog, you will have to add his name at the end of every action that you want him to perform or simply never use his name when you give an order. Your dog may continue what he is doing despite the fact that you call him and that he knows his name (same as a child). If there is still no reaction when you call him, clap in your hands, whistle or make a sound that will get his attention.
It may be that your dog has a deafness problemĀ  if he is still not responding after all of your tests. Most of us have already seen this cool trick done before and if you want to teach your dog how to balance anything on his or her nose, the above video should give you a great start. Assuming that you are already familiar with clicker training and positive reinforcement training, you already have a huge head start above most other people trying to teach a dog this trick. In order to effectively teach your dog tricks like this, your dog should already have a good understanding of basic obedience. It is very important for your dog’s mental and physical health that your dog receives both mental and physical exercise. If at any point you find yourself getting frustrated during any dog training session, you need to and on a good note and stop the training immediately.

This is also the case if you see that your dog is beginning to get frustrated or upset with the training experience.
In the above video and in many other dog training videos it sometimes looks like these dogs learn in a very short period of time.
It may take you days, weeks, or even longer to teach your dog how to balance something on his or her nose. I hope the above video and this article helps you to teach your dog how to balance anything on his or her nose. But unfortunately, many owners do not use this name correctly and give this name a different definition compared to expectations and the tone of the voice. The most optimal time to begin a dog training session is usually about 35 to 45 minutes after playtime or a walk. Doing training sessions in a positive and fun way is probably the absolute best way to mentally stimulate your dog which leads to a more balanced and well behaved dog to have in your home.
All dog training should be fun and it is imperative that you and any training session on a positive note. Whether you are trying to teach your dog how to balance a treat on their nose, a toy, or any other object, you need to be very patient when teaching your dog how to do this. However, most dogs that are used in dog training videos such as the one above are already very well trained dogs and have a very close connection with their trainer.
If you do not know what clicker training is, I highly recommend that you check out this article we created to teach people about clicker training.

A nice long walk is a great way to prepare your dog for the most effective training session.
Do not ever punish your dog at the end of a training session as this will make it even more difficult to train your dog in the future. Let your dog go at his or her own pace and be as patient as possible while still having fun trying. Be sure once you teach this cool little trick with your dog you continue to use this trick so that your dog does not forget. Always find something to reward your dog with at the end of any training session, even if your dog is not performing as you would like. Just like any dog, some dogs are able to learn certain tricks much faster than other tricks. Teaching your dog tricks like this over and over again will have a serious impacts on the bond and connection that you have with your dog.

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