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This video by Training Positive showcases one of the most essential commands that any dog should know. You should start this drill with short distances and never forget to verbally praise your dog each time it moves towards you. You can perform dog training sessions at home as you start but it would be best that you move towards training your dog in different environments. These training tools will aid you through the whole process until your dog eventually relies on your command in the end. Let your dog get used to it with short distances at first and as it masters the command, you can level up the criteria and move farther and farther away.

Varying surroundings might confuse or distract your dog and that’s why you need to get it used to changes.
It is highly important that your dog gets to understand this crucial command because this could set the bar on whether you can let it roam free or not.
By practicing in different places, your dog not only develops its obedience but also its discipline. There’s no use in letting your dog off the leash if it does not know how to come back to you when called.
This will help your dog get associated more with the command and not be confused with other ones.

Dogs tend to get distracted or lose focus on things and even ignore their owner completely if poorly trained – so it is very important that your dog fully understands and responds to this command before letting it loose.
Thus, in the end, you must assure yourself that your dog is really ready to roam free and return to you when you call it before fully letting it go.

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